How to Eat For Mass

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When looking to gain a lot of weight, some thin people will have a hard time doing so. With these four tips, an individual can bulk up with ease.

1) Try protein shakes. To add muscle mass and gain weight, a person should chug down a protein shake or two. In fact, ideally, a “hardgainer” should have a protein shake before his or her workout. Then, after a hard session in the gym, an individual should have another protein shake. While this is smart, it is also wise to find a quality product as some companies add too much sugar to their supplements. Luckily, when finding a good protein shake, one can add mass without sacrificing their health.

2) Check out creatine. Now, when eating a healthy diet with a lot of meat, most people already ingest some creatine. This is a start. Of course, when looking to get that pumped up look, one should take creatine supplements. While some feel it is dangerous, this is not the case. When taking in a lot of this substance, a person will simply urinate any excess creatine out of his or her body. Without a doubt, when adding creatine supplements, one can see gains in the gym and put more weight on in the process.

3) Prepare your own meals. Now, a lot of hard gainers think they eat a lot. This is often not the case as some people have one big meal a day and think they are going to pack on the pounds. One way to add weight safely and without sacrificing health is to prepare meals. With this, one can count their calories and go a long way in determining what works for their situation.

4) Don’t be so picky. When lifting weights and working out often, one should not be too picky with their diet. While it is wise to avoid unhealthy foods too often, one should not worry about every calorie. A hardgainer must remember to eat a lot of food without worry.

With these four easy-to-follow tips, a person who has trouble gaining weight can start packing on the pounds without much effort.