When Hormones Alone Aren’t Enough

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Hormone therapy is one of the world’s fastest growing health trends, and with good reason. A comprehensive health and fitness plan that includes hormone replacement and testosterone therapy can be much more effective than just diet and exercise alone.

That being said, hormone injections by themselves will not give you weight loss, overall health or increased muscle mass. Auxiliary exercise, attention to diet and sleep patterns are essential to seeing great results. Here are some tips you can implement when starting an AAG Health hormone treatment program to get to your best body.

1. Start a strength training routine. With just a few hours of strength training a week, you can experience increased muscle mass, improved strength and lower body fat in a very short time. Testosterone therapy will help your body recover faster and build more muscle in less time, but the weight itself is what will give you this improved look.

2. Cut out sugar. No amount of hormone therapy is going to take away the effects of eating desserts every day. By following a few key rules, it’s easy to eat well, eat as much as you want and still lose weight. One of those is to eliminate sugar from your diet in the form of cereals, cakes and candies. Try eating dessert just once a week, and you’ll start to feel and look much better.

3. Try lowering your overall carb intake. Simple carbs like white bread, pasta and most packaged cereals will act just like sugar and quickly convert into fat. Consider lowering your total number of carbs, and replacing those you do eat with complex carbs like oatmeal and brown rice.

4. Use your new-found energy. The beauty of testosterone replacement is that it can restore youthful vibrancy to older men. Even at 50, 60, 70 or beyond, you can have that same energy and drive you did as a man in your twenties and thirties. That energy and primordial intensity isn’t enough by itself, however. If you look at studies on athleticism and obesity, you can see that young men in this age group often struggle to be virile themselves. Use this energy to be active, lift weight and have fun.

With just these few routine changes, you can see dramatic results in a matter of weeks. By lowering your fat and sugar intake, your body will also start to feel better and digest meals more efficiently, making your job of looking great that much easier. Hormone and testosterone therapy is a godsend for older men looking to restore their physique, and these lifestyle changes will help them get what they are looking for.