Low Glycemic Diet

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The diet was devised more than two decades ago, and was specifically aimed at diabetics. But today, it is popular even with non-diabetics who wish to lose weight. The low glycemic diet is also the recommend diet or men and women who are on hormone therapy. Testosterone therapy and HGH (human growth hormone) therapies have been shown to work better when men eat low glycemic.

Here is more about this amazing diet that really works.

What is a Low Glycemic Diet?

To understand what the diet is, you should know that the GI or the glycemic index is a ranking that measures the effect specific foods have on your blood sugar levels. It was developed in 1981 by one Dr. David Jenkins. Dr. Jenkins discovered that a lot of starchy food had a significant effect on the blood sugar level, while some sweetened foods had very little effect. That is when he devised the index, which helped diabetic patients to know which food would keep their sugar levels in check and which would not.

The GI uses glucose as the standard and compared other foods to know the effects they have on the blood sugar levels. So if a food raises your blood sugar levels significantly, it would have a high GI value and vice versa.

Benefits of Low Glycemic Diet

The most visible benefit of the low glycemic diet is that it helps diabetics keep their blood sugar levels in control in a natural way. Another is that the low GI foods make you less hungry, which in turn helps you eat the right foods in smaller quantities, so that you can stay energized for a long time and not put on weight either.

Why it works

GI diets, which are based on the index, encourage the person to eat plenty of foods with low GI levels and bring down the amount of high GI foods that they eat. Most of the GI diets also recommend cutting down saturated fats.

The low GI foods that you eat as a part of this diet release the sugar slowly into the blood, keeping you satiated and providing constant energy. The diet ensures that you feel less hungry, which means you will snack less after a meal, which keeps your weight in check.

Examples of food to eat that have a low glycemic index

A lot of vegetables including onions, peas, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, tomato, lettuce, green beans and red peppers have low GI values, ranging between 10 and 47. Hummus or chickpea salad dip has the lowest GI of 6 in a serving of 30 grams. In fruits, apples, pears, cherries, plums, grapefruit, prunes, strawberries, grapes and dried apricots are a few that have low GI. Breakfast cereals containing all bran, oat bran, natural muesli etc. also have low GI. A bowl of porridge is also one of the low GI options for breakfast.

Among snacks and ready-to-eat categories, Slim-fast meal replacement, snickers bar, peanuts, walnuts, and other nuts and raisins have the lowest GI.