Do I Need Nutritional Supplements?

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Most people ask, “Do I need nutritional supplements?” at one time or another. Sometimes, they’re a good idea. Other times, they aren’t. Before stocking up on a multivitamin or other supplement in the quest of greater health or physical performance, consider the following:

Consult a doctor before adding any supplement. Supplements are a part of each AAG Health program, but certain supplements will not work for certain people – or can be downright dangerous. Always talk to your doctor if you have qualms about any of your supplements. Occasionally, supplements may conflict with your current medications so always opt to be safe rather than sorry.

Determine the benefits of taking a supplement. After running some tests, the doctor may determine a vitamin deficiency. Many people have a Vitamin D deficiency because a hectic work schedule keeps them from enjoying sunshine during regular work hours, although some unfortunate people do not make Vitamin D at all. Taking Vitamin D supplements may be the only way to correct the deficiency under a doctor’s care.

Always choose pharmaceutical-grade quality. Let’s say a suspected Vitamin D deficiency is confirmed by a laboratory test ordered by the doctor. You can rest assured knowing that your AAG Health doctor only uses the best supplements available. Our pharmaceutical-grade supplement is made with the same exacting standards as a prescription medicine. Capsule quality and dose strength are just some of the consistencies pharmaceutical manufacturers are concerned about.

Consider claims that are not backed up by medical research. This is another reason to consult a physician before adding vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements to the daily regimen. Supplements like horny goat weed may sound like a godsend, but the medical research behind it is flimsy. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary supplements. If you want to try a supplement, have your physician weight in.

Supplements alone won’t do much.  Even the best supplements won’t nullify the effects of poor eating habits or lack of exercise. Use the opportunity, when discussing nutritional supplements with the doctor, to learn more about nutrition. AAG Health hormone replacement plans incorporate healthy eating practices to hold you accountable and ensure you see success.