The Best Vitamins for Men

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Not every man takes vitamins. In fact, many men simply skip even the most basic multivitamin, assuming that a decent diet will give them everything they need to stay healthy. While a balanced diet that’s rich in lean protein sources, fresh fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates is ideal for a healthy body, there are some vitamins for men that can really make a difference. Below, you’ll find five of the best vitamins for men.

Vitamin K

You might not hear a ton about vitamin K, but it can help men prevent bone fractures and maybe even some types of cancer. Unfortunately for many men, it’s also hard to get enough vitamin K through diet alone if you don’t eat lots of leafy greens like broccoli or fermented foods like tofu. Adding a supplement to your diet can make a big difference in your health, especially later in life.

Vitamin D

Sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is something most men think they get enough of my simply being outside and eating basic dairy products. However, men that don’t spend a ton of time outside will likely find that it’s difficult to get enough vitamin D – a vitamin that can help prevent obesity, diabetes, stroke and hypertension.

One caveat with vitamin D – it can build up in your body, so don’t take more than recommended by the supplement manufacturer.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is commonly found in foods like salmon, tuna and fortified eggs. However, if you don’t eat many of those foods, you could develop a deficiency that negatively affects your nerves and deprives your red blood cells of oxygen they need to stay healthy. Eating more fish is an option, but taking a supplement is ideal for many men.

Vitamin A

Commonly found in carrots and other foods that contain beta-carotene – the thing that gives carrots that orange color – vitamin A is essential for eye function, especially when it comes to your overall night vision. You can’t repair vision, but you can keep it from deteriorating as rapidly. You can’t take too much vitamin A either, though that doesn’t mean you should be popping vitamin A supplements like breath mints.

Vitamin E

Found mostly in foods like eggs and nuts, vitamin E is important for the nervous system, skin and hair. While eating vitamin E is preferred since your body handles it more efficiently, men that don’t eat vitamin E-rich foods can benefit from a regular supplement.