AAG Health Partners with Bikram Yoga for 30-Day Challenge

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Last week,  AAG Health was at Bikram Yoga Fort Lauderdale to talk to their members about integrative wellness and offer free InBody320 composition tests. This was the first class in the 30-Day Challenge, in which participants go through 30 classes in 30 days.

The InBody test, which calculates BMI and other important fitness numbers, provided yoga students with the necessary measurements to track their challenge progress  All yoga members, including the instructors, expressed interest in AAG Health’s regenerative hormone treatment plans and were offered complimentary wellness consultations at the Aventura flagship clinic.

AAG Health will be back at the end of the 30-Day Challenge to provide Bikram Yoga clients with their final numbers. Below, you’ll find some photos from the fun event.

AAG Health Bikram Yoga

AAG Health InBody320

AAG Health and Wellness