Dallas, Texas Residents – Reach Your 2013 Health And Wellness Goals With HRT!

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Monday 7th January 2013 – AAG Health’s Medical Director, Dr. Vernon F. Williams, will be visiting Dallas – Texas at the end of January to see new and existing patients who are in need of hormone therapy. If you live or plan to visit the Dallas / Fort Worth area take advantage and see Dr. Williams who is headquartered at AAG Health’s busy San Antonio office.

AAG Health is an exclusive national network of doctors who specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy and age related illness. Their unique approach to medicine focuses primarily on the underlying root causes of health problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms, in order to help prevent disease and improve the patients overall health.

Dr. Williams is an expert in bio-identical hormone replacement for men. His skill and experience is welldocumented as he has helped hundreds of middle-age men accomplish more out of life by optimizing their hormones.

Dr. Williams treats conditions such as low T, growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction and fatigue in addition to offering many aesthetic, medical and anti-aging solutions.

“My goal is to help men learn how hormone therapy with bio-identical hormone medications can help eliminate many of the negative symptoms that we associate with aging,” says Dr. Williams. “Age Management and natural bio-identical hormone therapy is at the forefront of medicine today, helping many men live healthier, more productive and balanced lives.”

“If any man is experiencing performance and appearance issues associated they need do something about it,” continued Dr. Williams. “The first step is to get the AAG Health Executive blood test to determine hormone baselines and then make an appointment with me to discuss the results.”

According to a recent report aired on Fox News approximately two to six million American men have low testosterone.

“Dr. Williams’s expertise with bio-identical hormones makes him an invaluable asset here at AAG Health and reaffirms our commitment to working with the best hormone doctors,” said Jeremy Edwards, Chief Operating Officer at AAG Health. “Our partnership and shared knowledge enables us to help more men find relief from the symptoms of andropause to improve their health and overall wellness.”

About AAG Health & Wellness

AAG Health & Wellness is the leading nationwide provider of age management medical services that focus on hormone optimization. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Miami, FL, AAG is a conciergestyle medical practice that provides successful men and women cutting-edge treatment plans that deliver peak performance and improved quality of life. AAG Health has a network of over 20 medical health centers throughout the United States. For more information, visit https://www.aaghealth.com

About Dr. Vernon Williams

AAG Health affiliate physician, Dr. Williams has extensive training in lasers, facial rejuvenation and medical spa procedures including the latest age management and anti-aging medicine treatments. He’s well versed with treating men and women with hormone medications along with providing weight loss treatments. Dr. Williams also belongs to a variety of professional and medical associations including the Texas Medical Association (TMA) and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS). He is a Diplomat & Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative, & Functional Medicine (A4M), a Member of the Anti-Aging Group (AAG) Advisory Board, and a Diplomat of Age Management Medicine of Cenegenics Medical Institute