Can This Common Beverage Solve Your ED Problems

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Recent research has begun to shed new light on the effects of the cup or two of coffee a day that most people enjoy.

Can This Common Beverage Solve Your ED Problems

As it turns out, coffee can actually help greatly reduce the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

The research demonstrated that caffeine actually triggers the same processes that Viagra attempts to correct: increased blood flow to the penis.

Caffeine is very healthy for your arteries and is being repeatedly shown to have beneficial effects for those who have blood flow issues. Specifically, caffeine has been shown to both relax the arteries around the penis and increase the amount and rate of blood flow through them.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction research has been making great strides in recent years, as studies are repeatedly finding the same causes in many different cases of ED.

The main cause of erectile dysfunction has been found to be a combination of a decreased ability for the arteries around the penis to supply sufficient blood flow as well as a neural insensitivity in nerves around the area, caused either by anxiety or a past of sexual difficulties.

This is why erectile dysfunction is very common in out of shape and overweight individuals. When there is excess fat in the body, arteries throughout the body become clogged and unable to facilitate a sufficient rate of blood flow. This is what results in heart conditions, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction.

Another critical process that is affected is the ability for your hormonal metabolism to function properly. When the body is low on critical chemicals such as testosterone and growth hormone, the ability for the brain to trigger an erection becomes limited. Testosterone helps initiate feelings of pleasure, positivity, and masculinity in men, and also helps trigger the diversion of blood to the penis during intimate moments as well.

When this hormone is not present or stifled due to poor blood flow, not only is it harder for your brain to stimulate erectile activity but is also harder for you feel sex the same way. The key problem with erectile dysfunction in 90% of cases is the fact that blood flow due to decreased hormones or poor arterial health is restricted and unable to cause or maintain growth.

Caffeine and Erectile Health

Caffeine and Erectile HealthDrinking coffee and its related health effects has been a hotly debated issue in recent years, with some arguing that it may have some detrimental effects to the heart and circulatory system.

Contrary to these beliefs, recent research has shown that caffeine strengthens arterial health thoroughly, making the arterial walls stronger as well decreasing clogging in overweight individuals.

With regular consumption, blood flow and even mental health have been shown to improve due to the healthier blood flow.

The circulatory system helps clean the blood vessels of the body and supply tissues with critical nutrients. It transports oxygen, hormones, and various other chemicals that help to trigger processes and filter out harmful chemicals. When the circulatory system is failing, other systems follow suit. This is why those with arterial deficiencies often have related problems with diabetes, the heart, and hormone functionality as well.

Without a working transit system, you are much more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, there are now proven methods that can help you beat this condition, and combining these methods together can give you an extremely potent natural treatment option.

ED and GAINSWave Therapy

If you have been struggling with ED and have yet to find a viable treatment option that provides lasting results, combining the blood flow supercharging abilities of these two supplements can help you to be more sexually healthy than ever before.

GAINSWave therapy has been shown to increase size, stamina, and sexual stimulations for men who have been struggling sexually.

By combining a healthy diet, the many effects of caffeine, along with the revolutionary GAINSWave® treatments, you can beat erectile dysfunction and lead a sexually active and healthy lifestyle again.