Serostim is a synthetically produced prescription medicine that mimics the effect of a growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Its effects are very much identical to those experienced through the secretion of endogenous growth hormones. Serostim is particularly prescribed to patients suffering from AIDS wasting – a condition where a patient relentlessly loses lean body mass. Serostim can also be used to treat growth hormone deficiencies in children and adults.

What does Serostim do?

Cachexia is a condition where the human body, instead of metabolizing fatty tissue to produce energy, begins to metabolize lean body mass. Cachexia often leads to an increased and unsustainable rate of weight loss that results in extreme levels of fatigue, loss of appetite, increased muscle atrophy, and general weakness. Cachexia is generally a symptom of an underlying condition. This condition has lethal potential unless the symptom of cachexia is treated quickly. Serostim is used particularly in the treatment of HIV and AIDS-wasting.

A patient with HIV may suffer from many hormonal changes like low testosterone or growth hormone resistance. Moreover, any dietary changes made voluntarily or involuntarily by the patient can also contribute to the condition of cachexia. In some cases, a patient’s psychological disposition could also adversely affect his/her physical health, inducing this kind of condition.

Serostim is an FDA approved treatment for HIV and AIDS-wasting. Studies, research and observations indicate that Serostim, of rDNA origin, is known to cause an increase in weight, not by build-up of fat, but by an increase in lean muscle mass. This increase in body mass translates into much higher levels of energy, increased stamina, and much improved appearance. Patients have also experienced better mental health upon prescription and treatment with Serostim. Patients’ appetites also improved, increasing the chances of reverting back to normal dietary patterns.

What are its side effects?

Serostim is like any other growth hormone, in that it has several side effects. While most of these effects are temporary or tolerable, Serostim may induce conditions that increase the chances of more serious diseases. Patients who have been treated with Serostim often complain of various muscle aches, swelling of joints, and joint pain. Growth hormones increase the rate of fluid retention, which may lead to swelling of body parts like limbs. If these effects are observed, doctors typically reduce the dosage prescribed. It is not advised for people with a medical history of diabetes or cancer to consume Serostim. It could contribute to the presence of tumors or in the case of diabetes, increase insulin resistance and glucose build-up.

Where is it manufactured?

Serostim is manufactured by Serono, a biotechnology company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company came under investigation when there were allegations made against it regarding careless and unnecessary prescription of the drug to patients. Serostim is sold at different rates under different pharmaceuticals, but its price generally ranges from around $85 to $145 per IU.