Norditropin is a human growth hormone (HGH) that can be used to treat adults and children alike. Norditropin is FDA approved and available via prescription in the USA. Children with restricted growth due to an insufficiency or lack of hormones, or kids with Turners or Noonan Syndrome can use Norditropin to achieve hormonal growth like an ordinary child.

Adults with a deficiency of HGH can also use the drug to combat symptoms associated with adult onset growth hormone deficiency. Before taking Norditropin, it is advised that you consult your doctor if you have tumor, cancer, diabetes, or any other medical condition.

Produced and manufactured by Novo Nordisk in Denmark, Norditropin can be purchased for around $600 per 5mg pen. For people with growth hormone deficiencies, the drug is an excellent value for money especially the convenience factor of the portable, multi dose pen.

Positive Effects of Norditropin

Norditropin must only be taken if it is prescribed by a reliable physician. Taking the drug without the need for it may not have any effect on your body. But Norditropin is a great solution for those who have a deficiency of growth hormones. It helps users increase muscle mass, bone density, and typically improves quality of life.

It also reduces body fat so as to make you feel and look younger and fitter. People who use Norditropin report that they feel reinvigorated and that their energy levels have significantly increased in the first few weeks of treatment. Norditropin has been approved as a treatment measure for people suffering from muscle wastage due to HIV and AIDS.

Side Effects of Norditropin

Along with its desired effects, Norditropin also causes adverse reactions. Among the worst side effects includes an increase in risk of death in users who are critically ill due to stomach or heart surgery and have respiratory problems, and in children who have Prader-Willi Syndrome or respiratory issues including sleep apnea, or are obese.

Inflammation in the hands and feet due to water retention is a common side effect of the drug. Pain in the joints and muscles can also be experienced by those who take Norditropin. Other common reactions include stiffness and tingling of joints, headaches, increase in blood sugar, itching, and redness in the area where the drug was injected.

People with Turner Syndrome have a high risk of developing ear or hearing problems along with infection in the ear. The risk of congenital heart ailments is also high in patients suffering from Noonan Syndrome and Turner Syndrome.