Jintropin is among the most effective and potent recombinant human growth hormone (HGH) available in the market. However, being Chinese made it is not FDA approve and available in the USA. The drug’s sequence of amino acids is the same as that in hormones produced naturally by the human body.

Jintropin is manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Inc. IMS – a marketing firm recognized all over the world reports that it is by far the most commonly used HGH therapy in China, with three-fourths of the entire market share. A 100IU vial can be purchased for $600 – at just $6 per one IU, from a large number of pharmaceutical dealers scattered all over the Asian market.

Who Can Take Jintropin And What Are Its Benefits?

Jintropin has a host of positive effects on your body. Children who do not have sufficient growth hormones can take the drug in order to enhance growth rate. Linear growth is also stimulated in children who use Jintropin. Adults who have a deficiency of growth hormones can use the substance to combat symptoms associated with adult onset growth hormone disorder. It can also be used by patients who are suffering from muscle wastage associated with HIV or AIDS, severe burns and wounds, or undergoing surgery or major operations.

Jintropin can help in healing wounds at a quick rate, improving post-operation nitrogen economy in the whole body, and accentuating the protein-catabolic response to quickly recover from surgeries or operations. Jintropin is used by bodybuilders via the black market due to the fact that it uses your body fat as a source of energy and promotes the development of new muscle cells.

The most important benefits of Jintropin include improvement in cardiac functions, enhanced immune functions, enhanced libido and sexual performance, reduced blood pressure, enhanced cholesterol profile, and decrease in body fat. Other advantages are improvement in energy levels and exercise performance, proper re-growth of hair and nails, younger, thicker, and tighter skin, increase in muscle mass, and regeneration of organs that usually shrink as a person grows older.

Side Effects Associated with Jintropin

Although Jintropin is approved as an effective injectable treatment for HGH deficiency in China, side effects occur as it happens with all other drugs. Some of the most commonly experienced reactions include Edema or retention of water, pain in the joints and muscles, and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Users of Jintropin report that symptoms are usually mild, and that they reduce and completely disappear as time passes. Even a reduction in dosage can help alleviate the adverse effects of Jintropin.