How Do Estrogen Blockers Work?

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Regardless of the intensity and duration of a workout, the body matches the resulting testosterone surge with more estrogen. That may hinder your results in the gym. Here’s how estrogen blockers can clear that hurdle.

Balance of Power Estrogen is a naturally-occurring essential hormone that plays a role in hormonal balance when testosterone levels rise. This can happen in workouts or anytime a man’s body is pushed past a comfortable limit. When a man’s testosterone rises during a gym workout, so does his estrogen. If he wants to maximize testosterone effectiveness, there’s a way.Widening the Gap Estrogen blockers are safe, commercially available drugs that inhibit the body’s estrogen-producing receptors. Boosting the body’s natural testosterone won’t do the trick alone. Estrogen blockers keep one fire from rising while letting the other one surge like a flamethrower.

Estrogen blockers do occur in nature but not in quantities that are quickly beneficial to a bodybuilder or power lifter. Natural estrogen blockers can be harvested from foods like grape seeds and pomegranate powder. Pomegranate powder is also available in pill form. Organic blockers may or may not work as well as synthetic blockers but results differ from person to person.

Side Effects of Excess Estrogen 

Excess estrogen is not desirable in any male who’s mindful of his physical condition and seeks to better it. High estrogen levels tend to make a person lethargic and store more fat. Worse yet, excess estrogen leads to the dreaded man boobs, called gynocomastia. The further down the ladder the body slides, the harder it is to climb back up. Men that develop gynocomastia have a harder time toning their pectorals back to their proper state. This applies to any body part that is made more attractive by muscle — the calves, triceps and especially the pectorals and abdominals.

Foods That Cause Estrogen Spikes

Consumption of sugar-laden foods and foods that contain or are made with soy will contribute to high estrogen levels, too. Soy food products contain chemicals called phytoestrogens — the word estrogen is immediately noticeable. The problem with soy isn’t the soybean. The problem lies in genetically modified foods, of which soy sits virtually at the top.

To master the crunch and maximize the pump, testosterone has to rise. The best workouts need more of that and less estrogen. Weight lifters and gym rats can make this happen thanks to estrogen blockers.