Fitropin is a type of Chinese made growth hormone. Growth hormones are commonly used to treat growth disorders in young children as well as to treat hormone deficiencies in adults of all ages. In order to obtain Fitropin, a patient must be diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency and consequently, a qualified medical professional should prescribe the treatment.

What does Fitropin do?

Being a growth hormone, Fitropin is said to increase the reproduction of cells and thus stunt the aging process. Injecting exogenous growth hormone like Fitropin can cause several changes to the physiological and psychological state of the human body.

Adults suffering from growth hormone deficiencies generally suffer from a laundry list of symptoms that may include unusual levels of fatigue and low energy levels, increased fat buildup especially in the torso region, reduced muscle and bone mass, depression, anxiety and a poor quality of life. These are the most common symptoms of GH deficiency. Fitropin has had success in combating these conditions along with other brands of HGH.

Patients who have been treated with growth hormone, have claimed that it greatly improves their well-being. The administration of the drug has been known to cause an increase in muscle mass, increases in bone densities, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a major improvement in one’s lipid profile and consequently increased rate of weight loss, as well as an improvement in general attitude and mindset.

What are Firtopin’s side-effects?

Fitropin, like any growth hormone medication, has been known to have some side effects. Studies and observations indicate that these kinds of growth hormones may cause joint swelling, prolonged joint pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an increased risk of diabetes through changes in insulin sensitivity.

Fitropin in particular differs from other growth hormones present in the market because it is developed using a technology known as Inclusion Body Technology. This technology does not create the purest form of the growth hormone and consequently may cause allergic reactions when administered. Furthermore, Fitropin is known to cause a build-up of antibodies that neutralize the drug, rendering it ineffectual.

Where is Fitropin manufactured?

Fitropin is both manufactured and distributed by a China-based pharmaceutical company known as Kexing. This company uses the process of Inclusion Body Technology to manufacture the drug. The drug is available only though prescription. The FDA have not approved Fitropin for use of any kind n the USA. However, there are many agents that sell the drug illegally in the black market. It is always difficult to ascertain the cost of these kinds of hormones because of the prevalence of a black market. However, Fitropin is deemed one of the cheaper growth hormones and its cost generally ranges from $20 to $60 per IU.