Women: Painful Intercourse and What to Do About It

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As a medical professional who offers sexual wellness treatments for women, I often see patients who are experiencing painful intercourse.

While painful intercourse is often due to the changes to the vaginal tissue and decreased lubrication that occurs as women age, it can effect women of any age. However, no matter your age, or the reason, painful intercourse is out of the ordinary, and should never be ignored or accepted.

If you are experiencing painful intercourse on a regular basis, see your medical professional. First of all, painful intercourse could be indicative of an underlying serious medical condition, and even if it is not, your doctor will likely have a way to fix the problem.

Most Common Causes for Painful Intercourse

The most common cause of painful intercourse in women is vaginal dryness. As you know the vagina secretes its own natural lubrication upon being aroused. There are several things that can decrease the secretion of lubrication.

Some medications such as anti-depressants and birth control pills can lead to vaginal dryness. However, the most common reason for decreased lubrication is the hormonal changes that occur as women approach, during, and after menopause. Other vaginal changes that occur once a women is beyond her child-bearing years, can also lead to less lubrication and painful intercourse. For example, the tissue can become less sensitive, and more difficult to stimulate, which leads to less lubrication, and vice-versa.

Other reasons or conditions that could cause painful intercourse include:

  • Bacteria can cause vaginal and urinary infectionsVaginal infections or Urinary Infections
  • Injury to the vagina
  • Vaginismus
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Other disease conditions, such as fibroid cysts, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, some forms of cancer


What Can You Do About Painful Intercourse?

If your problem with painful intercourse is caused by any of the specific conditions listed above, other than hormonal imbalances, infection, injury etc., your doctor will recommend specific treatments. Because there could be any of these kinds of serious underlying causes of your painful intercourse, it is important that they are ruled out first, or proper treatment obtained.

There are also many medical solutions available for women whose painful intercourse is due mainly to the changes in hormone levels that occur due to aging.

First of all, if after proper diagnosis, your hormones are found to be low, you could benefit from hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. HRT for sexual wellness could involve estrogen replacement, testosterone replacement, or a combination of both, usually delivered in the form of pellets inserted below the skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma and Painful Intercourse

Platelet Rich Plasma and Painful Intercourse - O-ShotFor women who are not candidates for HRT, or would prefer an alternative, I am getting very good results with a relatively new procedure called the O-shot.

The O-shot is drug-free and hormone free. Rather, it uses Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP.

PRP is made from your own blood. A small amount of your blood is drawn and then put through a centrifuge to create the PRP. It is then applied to the vaginal area where the stem cells and growth factors within the PRP immediately improve blood flow, and revitalize vaginal tissue.

Women who have used the O-shot report improved sensitivity, greater lubrication, and an enhanced ability to achieve and sustain orgasm, after a single visit!

The O-shot has also been found to be effective in treating vaginismus, a condition where the vagina involuntarily goes into spasm during intercourse.

There have been countless studies to indicate that a good sex life is not only important to your personal relationships, it is good for your overall health and well-being. There is no reason any women, who desires to have an active sex life, should have to avoid sex, due to a problem with painful intercourse. There is help available.

Have you experienced painful intercourse, have you sought treatment, what were the results.

Do you think women should be able to enjoy sex at any age?

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