New Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

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As women age, they can experience many sexual wellness issues. Unlike male sexual dysfunction, which usually relates to a specific issue such as the inability to get an erection, or ED, Female Sexual Dysfunction, or FSD, represents a range of issues.

However, one of the most common expressions of FSD, particularly as women enter the menopausal and post-menopausal years, is painful intercourse, related to vaginal changes, such as decreased stimulation and vaginal dryness.

Medical research is beginning to take such issues of FSD seriously. Some interesting experimental treatments for women experiencing painful intercourse and other issues related to FSD were presented at the recent annual meeting of the International Society of Women’s Sexual Health.

One experimental procedure in particular caused quite a buzz, a vaginal softgel capsule. The capsule was found to help 63% of the women using it to return to a “more satisfying sex life.” The chief complaint among the post-menopausal women in the experimental trial was vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Known as the VagiCAP, the capsule contained Estrogen, and is being positioned as a treatment for “vulvar and vaginal atrophy” or VVA, which is described as “a chronic medical condition that results from a decrease in naturally occurring estrogen.” The most common symptoms of VVA are vaginal dryness, irritation, and painful intercourse.

Current Treatments for FSD

It is good news that the pharmaceutical industry is looking into treatments for VVA and other issues related to female sexual dysfunction. However, it could be years before any such experimental treatments reach the shelves.

Women suffering right now, need to be aware that there are currently several treatments available that can also accomplish the same kinds of results, if not better, than those achieved by the women in this study.

One in particular that I use in my practice is the O-shot. You may have heard of the O-shot as it was one of the “bonus gifts” given out as a consolation prize to losing nominees at this year’s Oscars. The O-shot uses your own blood to stimulate and rejuvenate the tissues of the vagina. The O-shot uses something called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP.

PRP when combined with the other all natural ingredients in the O-shot has been found to increase sensitivity, increase lubrication, and enhance the ability to achieve and sustain orgasm.

The O-shot also:

  • Is pain free
  • Takes effect almost immediately
  • Has no side-effects
  • Lasts for up to one-year or more

Hormone Optimization and FSD

Hormone Optimization for Female Sexual Dysfunction - FSDI am not at all surprised that the vaginal capsule worked so well for the majority of the women in this trial. Hormone replacement therapies (HRT), in this case supplemental estrogen, remain the most effective treatment for most, if not all, of the sexual wellness issues experienced by menopausal women.

While this particular hormone replacement method as presented at the Conference remains experimental, there are many ways we have available right now for safe, and effective HRT.

Women can receive relief for the symptoms of FSD with bioidentical hormone replacement that can be delivered orally, with skin patches, or creams, sub-dermal hormone pellets, or any combination thereof. Often we can combine HRT with non-hormonal sexual wellness treatments, such as the O-shot, to create a customized treatment plan that is just right for your needs and lifestyle.

You can have the sex-life you deserve!

Do you suffer from any sexual wellness issues? Have you or anyone you know tried any female sexual dysfunction treatments? What were the results?

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