What is DHEA?

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Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, as it is commonly called, is a steroid that is naturally produced by the body and used as a supplement by athletes and other health minded individuals in order to increase levels of testosterone. Studies have shown that DHEA aids in weight loss, improved energy levels, muscle gain, and enhanced sexual performance. DHEA rose to popularity when normal people who wanted to lose weight and look more athletic found that it promised excellent results. The steroid increases the production of insulin, improves mood, enhances memory, increases levels of ‘good cholesterol’, as well as protects the immune system.

DHEA also increases the levels of certain sex hormones present in the human torso (powerful estrogens and androgens). Several essential functions that are carried out by your body on a regular basis are regulated by estrogens and androgens, so it is imperative for them to be produced optimally within the body. Over-supplementation of DHEA can cause a number of adverse effects such as growth of excess facial hair in men as well as women, hyperglycemia, mood swings, and malignant growth in your body. When you take DHEA it is also metabolized into various substances that enhance hormone production.

Main Benefits of DHEA

DHEA supplements are recommended for people who want to burn fat at a quick rate, increase their energy levels, and achieve good immune benefits. It has been known to be used by HIV patients as therapy for fat loss and muscle gain. People who experience heart problems can also benefit by using DHEA as some studies have shown it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Fat loss can be achieved by taking no more than 200 mg of DHEA on a daily basis. In fact, 200 mg is the minimum recommended dose. Like with all supplements, check with your health care provider before taking it. Several individuals have been known to extend their dosage to almost 1400 mg per day based on their weight loss objectives. DHEA manufacturers often sell tablets containing 50-100 mg in each, thereby requiring users to take 2-4 pills per day.

DHEA is great for people who suffer from low levels of energy. It allows for easy metabolism of fats into energy in the body. It reduces the body’s fat-burning efficiency, thereby making it produce extra power by burning an increased amount of fat. DHEA reduces lupus symptoms such as anemia, rashes, arthritis, and lung, kidney, or heart disorders. It also helps users feel better and more cheerful while increasing libido, stabilizing blood sugar, eliminating the risk of muscle deterioration, and preventing diabetes.

Risks Associated with the Use of DHEA

DHEA can have adverse reactions on your body if there is not enough fat to burn. Studies suggest that the steroid can decrease the production of testosterone in your blood as it doesn’t produce it in the same manner that natural DHEA does. Use of the substance is not recommended for women who are either pregnant or nursing mothers as it can be dangerous for the baby. People with hormone-sensitive conditions like uterine cancer, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, or endometriosis are also advised against the use of DHEA.

While you can use DHEA to increase testosterone levels and sexual performance, it can have adverse reactions on users with liver problems, cholesterol, and diabetes. Blood sugar levels must be carefully monitored if you’re a diabetic who is taking DHEA. People who have a history of bipolar disorder and depression may experience mental side reactions if DHEA is used. The substance causes impulsiveness and excitability (mania), sexual inappropriateness, and irritability in people who have mood disorders. Prior to taking DHEA, make sure you consult your doctor and learn about the consequences it may have on your health so as to ensure that side effects will not cause major long-term complications.