Must Read Books about Growth Hormone and Testosterone

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Growth Hormone: Reversing Human Aging Naturally

Growth Hormone: Reversing Human Aging Naturally, The Methusulah Factor is one of the most comprehensive, yet practical guides to using growth hormone. The book also discusses at length principals and theories related to the aging process and age reversal. Author: James Jamieson

HGH: Age-Reversing Miracle

HGH: Age-Reversing Miracle provides valuable information on how to naturally raise human growth hormone levels within the body, as well as the need for proper Growth Hormone levels. Learn how to safely stimulate production of HGH and feel enjoy the benefits of feeling younger. Author: Rita Elkins

Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH

The expanded edition of the book by the same title is has more information. This book is for everyone who wants to stay young at any age. The leading edge in anti-aging, HGH maybe the closest thing to the fountain of youth ever discovered. This book also details other form of growth hormone supplementation in addition to homeopathic. Author Dr. H.A. Davis.

HGH: The Promise of Eternal Youth

HGH: The Promise of Eternal Youth in a question and answer format covers all the latest scientific information on the recently discovered anti-aging therapy using Human Growth Hormone. This book gives a complete overview of the potential risks and benefits of HGH therapy. Author: Suzanne Levert.

The Anti-Aging Plan: Strategies and Recipes for Extending Your Healthy Years

For over two decades book author Roy Walford has studied the effects of low-calorie, nutrient-rich diets in animals. A UCLA bio-gerontologist, he has decided to follow a calorie-restricted diet. This book offers a practical eating plan for living long and free from diseases, based on the principles of nutrition and calorie reduction. Author: Roy L. Walford.

Stopping the Clock

Stopping the Clock is organized according to nutritional supplements, healthful substances and age-prevention techniques. This essential resource explains how to halt or reverse damage done to the body by aging and disease and offers a fully-documented program for life extension and improvement. Authors: Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman

The Superhormone Promise

The Superhormone Promise by the best-selling authors of The Melatonin Miracle, present new evidence that superhormones can control aging by arguing that HGH, DHEA and other hormones can boost the immune system, reduce body fat, maintain health, and reverse the aging process. Authors: Carol Colman, William Regelson.

Dr. John Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple

Dr Lee was one of the first male physicians to really stand up for women and get the word out that birth control pills and all the synthetic pharmaceutical hormones are poison. This book is considered one of the essential how-to guides to symptoms, hormone dosage, timing and more. Author: Dr. John Lee

Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality

Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality is a groundbreaking workout and diet plan that replenishes a man’s testosterone levels, rebuilds his body, and remakes his life. The recommendations for getting enough sleep, lifting heavy weights, the importance of de-stressing, and the cautions about xenoestrogens in our environment are great tips on how to increase testosterone. Author Myatt Murphy

Stay Young & Sexy with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

In this book Dr. Wright lays out the case for bioiodentical hormones with over 40 years of research, in which he cites his sources and medical case studies. As a medical doctor, Dr. Wright’s work is based in real medical science and research and not bogus junk-science, as those who are opposed to bioidenticals would have you to believe. Author: Dr. Jonathan Wright

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Douglass reveals medical truths, and deceptions, often at risk of being labeled heretical. He is consumed by a passion for living a long healthy life, and wants his readers to share that passion. Their health and well-being comes first. He is anti-dogmatic, and unwavering in his dedication to improve the quality of life of his readers. This book discusses why the medical profession has known of hormone therapy or 40 years, but, except or estrogen therapy, it’s still gone unused. Author: William Campbell Douglas MD.

The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones

The 2nd edition of Michael E. Platt, M.D.’s ground-breaking health book, The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones, How I Lost My… fatigue, hot flashes, ADHD, ADD, fibromyalgia, PMS, osteoporosis, weight, sexual dysfunction, anger, migraines…,provides many answers to common medical problems and explains how balancing your hormones can contribute to your well-being and your long-term health. Author: Michael E. Platt

The Clinical Application of Interventional Endocrinology

This book examines the era of interventional endocrinology when the world of hormones are being investigated in order to determine their place in the search for youth. This book presents key science supporting the approach of many physicians who specialize in hormone therapy and age management medicine. Author: Mark L. Gordon

You: Staying Young: The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty

The body is the most fascinating machine ever created, and nobody talks about it in ways that are as illuminating and compelling as Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz. Most people think of the aging of our bodies the same way we think of the aging of our cars: the older we get, the more inevitable it is that we’re going to break down. The book contains a lot of information related to aging process and the factors influencing it – the Major Agers. Authors: Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Oz.