HRT Therapy That Costs Less Than Cenegenics ®

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Cenegenics ® is a well-known name in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). If you are reading this page, you probably already are at least somewhat aware of the many benefits of hormone therapy and it cost. You may have even landed here by typing the word “Cenegenics Cost” into your search engine.

Cenegenics ® does provide hormone therapy, however they charge a premium price for it. Are you getting anything better or more effective for that price? Or are you merely being over-charged?

Let’s consider why certain things cost more than other things, like with cars. All cars are basically the same, they have motors, wheels brakes, etc. And they are all designed to do basically the same thing – get you safely from one place to another. Why then should a Mercedes or a Ferrari cost so much more than a Kia? In part you are paying for the “brand name” of the luxury auto.

Does Cenegenics add the same kind of value that justifies them charging thousands of dollars more than facilities offering the same or similar services? In this case, the answer is no.

There is nothing unique, or more effective about the hormone therapy offered by Cenegenics.

They established their high prices years ago, when there were far fewer options. However, they have kept them inflated, without a justifiable reason, since apparently, many men are still willing to pay the exorbitant prices.

Benefits of Hormone Optimization

What Cenegenics ® gets right is the benefits of HRT therapy. What they have “wrong” is that age management program has to be prohibitively expensive.

Passing Cost Benefits To You

Do not let the fact that our program can save you thousands of dollars over Cenegenics program, lead you to believe it is of inferior quality.

The reason we can save you money, is because, unlike Cenegenics,

  • we do not take a one-size fits all approach to hormone therapy.
  • We do not charge you just to become a “member of our program.”
  • We also don’t lock you into the same plan as everybody else. We tailor your dosages to your particular needs and lifestyle.

Because of our relationships with local compounding pharmacies, we can make sure your dosage of bioidentical hormones is precisely made for you, so you are only paying for what you need. Also we monitor you program every step of the way and adjust your dosages as may be necessary.

In fact, we have introduced the area’s only Virtual Wellness Portal for hormone replacement therapy. That means we can monitor your progress online, which also saves you in travel!

So just why does Cenegenics charge so much for their program? I really cannot say, but here you will find a practice that is more interested in optimizing your hormone levels, than our bottom line!

*Cenegenics® is a registered trademark of Cenegenics, LLC.  AAG HealthGains is not affiliated in any way with Cenegenics® products or services.

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