How Does Diet Impact Hormone Levels?

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Hormones and your diet go hand in hand. What you eat impacts your hormone levels, and healthy hormone levels influence metabolism.

Hormones regulate just about every critical body function. As such, your hormones and your diet are very important to one another. Have you noticed that as you get older, it seems that you put on weight much more easily, and it also becomes much harder to take it off? That largely has to do with declining hormones as you age.

Men and women both face the same interaction of diet, hormones and weight loss. If you are over 40, and have tried every way you can think of to lose weight, the problem isn’t just in your waistline, it may be in your hormones!

How Do Hormones Effect Metabolism and Weight Management?

As you may be starting to see, there is a very complex relationship between hormone levels, diet, fitness and weight management. Critical hormones that influence your ability to build muscle and burn fat – primarily testosterone and growth hormone, all decline as you age.

Then, this becomes a kind of a vicious cycle, because as your levels of growth hormone and testosterone drop, you feel tired and worn out. It becomes more difficult work out, or to even feel motivated, which leads to bad food choices and further weight gain. As you pack on the pounds, your body’s ability to produce testosterone diminishes even further, and so on, and so on…

Furthermore, as your level of testosterone drops, you became tired, sluggish and experience a lack of vitality and loss of motivation that can lead to additional weight gain.

Plus, there are foods that you are eating that could even further reduce your abilities to produce these critical hormones.

These Foods Reduce Testosterone Levels

You need to be aware of the foods that are known to be “testosterone killers.” You may find that some foods that you think are “good for you,” really are lowering your testosterone levels.

It should seem obvious that any kind of “junk food” should be avoided, for various health reasons. But, unhealthy food choices such as soda pop and processed foods, inevitably lead to obesity, which we have already seen, has a negative impact on your testosterone levels.

Foods Reduce Testosterone LevelsOther foods that can contribute to Low-T, and that should be consumed in moderation include:

  • Soy products
  • Flax seeds
  • Alcohol
  • Spearmint and peppermint
  • Ground beef
  • Licorice

Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss

If your problems with weight, are related to low hormone levels, hormone therapy can help you break the downward spiral of weight gain.

Through the use of properly prescribed hormone therapy, we can bring your testosterone levels and your growth hormone levels back into proper balance. Once we do, your body’s ability to build lean muscle, and burn fat will improve.

Hormone therapy will also increase your strength and energy, so you will start to feel more motivated to exercise, and also get more out of your workouts.

Finally, all of our hormone therapy programs include sessions with our wellness coaches, who will put you on a diet of hormone boosting foods, and help you to make other lifestyle and behavioral changes, that will have you on a path to peak performance at any age!

Other Positive Benefits of Hormone Therapy

how-does-diet-impact-hormone-levels-2Low testosterone and growth hormone deficiency can negatively impact your quality of life in many ways other than weigh management.

Your moods, your ability to get a good night’s sleep, memory and cognition, and of course, sexual performance, are all impacted by the decrease in testosterone that occurs the older you get. Hormone therapy can help to alleviate all of these and more “age-related” problems.

However, the only way to know for sure is to see a qualified hormone replacement doctor and have your hormone levels tested.

If you are found to have a hormone imbalance, a comprehensive program of hormone therapy, along with diet, fitness and nutritional counselling, can put you back on the road to good health!