Can Hormone Therapy Improve My Low Libido?

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Hormone therapy for both men and women has definite advantages when it comes to sexual response and performance, especially for women in menopause and men over 50. If you are considering hormone replacement therapy, here are some positive effects you may experience:

1. You may experience a marked increase in sexual desire.

As we age, it is not unusual to have a low libido. For some individuals, the desire to have sex may disappear completely as hormone levels plummet. For men and women on hormone therapy, the urge may return to what it was in your twenties or thirties.

2. Women may have more natural lubrication and experience more pleasure as a result.

For women who have passed menopause, vaginal dryness and a lack of satisfaction can make sex a chore rather than a pleasurable time with her man. Some women cannot use artificial lubricant, or may experience irritation from it. Hormone replacement therapy can help a woman to produce more natural lubrication, which can help her achieve orgasm more often and have a more satisfying sexual experience overall.

3. Both sexes may note an increase in muscle mass and stamina.

This effect brings positive outcomes in many aspects of your life, including recreation and everyday chores, but it also makes sex all the better. Having more muscle mass will make sexual encounters less exhausting and more fun. Having larger muscles also means that there is a decreased risk of injury to joints during lovemaking, as strong muscles help protect the ligaments and joints during strenuous activity.

4. Men and women may report more powerful orgasms.

When a person is receiving hormone replacement therapy, all of the muscles of their body may increase in strength and mass. This includes the muscles responsible for orgasm. While muscles can take some time to rebuild, it is common for orgasms to become more intense and last longer while using hormone therapy.

If you are considering hormone replacement therapy, there are a lot of factors to consider. However, the increase to both the frequency and quality of your sex life cannot be underestimated. Both men and women frequently report many positive effects from receiving treatment, so it is certainly an avenue to explore if you are dissatisfied with your sex life.