Why Hormone Therapy is Important to Your Health

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Did you know that hormone therapy keeps your hormones in balance? And since hormones are responsible for most of the way you look, function and feel on a daily basis this is pretty important.

Hormones are like the fuel and oil that keep the machines of our body’s running smoothly. In order for you to be functioning at peak performance, your hormones must be working together in harmony. Even a slight imbalance in a major hormone such as testosterone, or growth hormone, can through off hundreds of bodily functions!

When you are suffering from a hormone imbalance, you can feel sick, weak, depressed, tired, have sexual problems, or face any number of other health issues.

In a very real sense hormones are your key to good health and well-being.

What Can Hormone Therapy Do for You?

The most common problem associated with low hormone levels in both men and women is sexual wellness. The drop in critical hormones in both men and women over 40 can lead to a lower sex drive. Woman may experience other sexual dysfunction issues such as loss of sensitivity, lack of lubrication, or painful intercourse.

In addition to a loss of libido, men of course, may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to diminished hormones.

Bringing your hormones in balance can help your sex life, but that is only the beginning. In fact, every aspect of living well, and particularly of aging well, is related to keeping your hormones in proper balance. This is particularly true of testosterone, thyroid hormones, and human growth hormone (HGH.)

As you get older, in addition to good sexual function, sustaining the levels of all of these critical hormones is essential for:

  • hormone therapy benefitsMaintaining healthy body composition, and for fat metabolism
  • Keeping strong bones
  • Maintaining muscle strength
  • Cellular growth and replacement of dead or dying cells
  • Maintaining cognitive ability and combating memory loss
  • Fending off inflammation, and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis
  • Maintaining good skin health
  • Remaining energetic and vital


Types of Hormone Therapy

If you are found to be hormone deficient, it may be possible to improve you hormone production through dietary and lifestyle changes. However, the only way to really ensure that you return your hormones to balance, is with hormone therapy.

hormone thearpy for great sex and healthHormone replacement therapy can:

  • Help you feel stronger and more energetic
  • Improve your ability to build muscle
  • Improve your ability to burn fat
  • Boost libido, improve sexual function
  • Help improve your moods and balance you out emotionally
  • Help memory and cognition, help you to think more clearly

Again the key to hormones, and therefore hormone therapy is balance. The best hormone therapy is a program that has been designed to bring your hormones back to their proper balance for you – and not just to some arbitrary “normal” level.

Once your hormone physician can achieve that balance, you will awake to a new you. Your strength, stamina, concentration and sex life, will all greatly improve.

Testosterone therapy in particular can help men bring their entire life back into “balance.”

For one, testosterone therapy can improve your sex life. If you are having erectile difficulties, and/or a lower sex drive, your will certainly benefit from testosterone therapy.

But, boosting your testosterone level can help you perform better in so many other ways! In fact, recent scientific studies have found that men with normal or better than normal levels of testosterone, are higher income earners, and are more successful than men with lower levels of testosterone

Simply put if your testosterone level is low, you cannot be living your life to you full potential.