Hormone Therapy Can Improve Vitality

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Declining hormones as you age could be responsible for your lack of energy, but hormone therapy can prevent that.

Hormones control many of your body’s processes.  Two of the most important that are largely responsible for the vitality of “youth” are testosterone and growth hormone.

Hormone Therapy Testimonial

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Larry, a 68 year old retired financial professional, has to say about his experience with hormone therapy at HealthGAINS.

“I didn’t really want to grow old, I’ve always had good energy. I try to surround myself with younger people, but I had felt my energy levels dropping, and that was a real concern of mine. Since I have been with HealthGAINS, I have noticed three dramatic improvements: in my physical strength, my mental abilities, and my confidence…”

You will be amazed when you watch the rest of Larry’s Story.

One of the most common problems, and the first you are likely to experience as your levels of testosterone and growth hormone drop, is a loss of vitality and energy. You ever look at kids on a playground and say to yourself, “I wish I had some of that energy.” You did, when you were their age because of your higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone.

As these levels drop, so does your energy level. Hormone therapy can “refill your tanks,” and replace what time and nature take away.

How Does Hormone Therapy Impact Energy?

hormone therapy benefitsHormones impact energy and vitality in a number of ways. Hormones regulate metabolism, and metabolism is the basic process of how you draw energy from your food.

The levels of your hormones, particularly testosterone and growth hormone, or HGH, regulate the efficiency of your metabolism, and whether or not you burn calories converting them to energy and muscle, or store them as fat.

When your metabolism is slow, due to lack of HGH and testosterone, you burn less calories, you build less muscle, and you store more fat. Obesity leads to a sluggishness and a lack of energy.

HGH and testosterone are also involved in sleep regulation. Obviously, if you are not getting enough sleep, fatigue is a result. Also, low testosterone can lead to changes in mood such as depression, which can also lead to a feeling of low energy.

How Hormone Therapy Can Help

Hormone therapy is not some magical “Fountain of Youth,” but it can “turn back time.”

The critical hormones, HGH and testosterone, are at their highest in your youth, teens, and in your 20’s. The older you get the more the production of HGH and testosterone decreases. In fact, by the time you are in your 30’s, you are only producing a fraction of the amount of these hormones that you were in your 20’s.

These hormones are critical for regulating body composition, muscle and bone growth, heart health, metabolism, mood, sleep, and sexual function. In other words, they are basically responsible for your entire mental and physical well-being!

Hormone therapy can replace what time and nature have taken away. By easing both the physical and the emotional issues caused by declining hormones, hormone therapy can reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase energy. As an added bonus, hormone therapy can also improve libido and sexual function!

In a nutshell, as Larry has discovered how hormone therapy can help invigorate every aspect of your life and your relationships, so can you.

However, with that in mind, it is extremely important that you get your hormone therapy only from hormone clinics with well-qualified and experienced medical professionals such as those with HealthGAINSl.

So, stop letting your declining hormones sap your strength and energy, and keep you from enjoying everything life has to offer! Get your life back, contact our offices today and see if hormone therapy is the energy boost you need!