Can Hormone Therapy Be Used As an Anti-Aging Treatment?

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A structure present at the brain’s base – the pituitary gland is responsible for producing growth hormones in humans. Not only does it fuel growth during childhood, but also helps in maintaining the organs and tissues in your body throughout life. However, when you hit your middle ages, the gland tends to slowly decrease the production of growth hormones.

Who Must Consider the Use of HGHs?

Synthetic HGHs are often injected into your body, and these growth hormones are available only if you have a prescription. Adults, especially those with a deficiency of growth hormones, can make the most of hormone therapy to feel younger and fitter.

Deficiency of growth hormones in adults was not a very usual scenario. But with bad genes, poor lifestyle, environmental toxins and even other medications, adult growth hormone deficiencies are becoming more common in many aging men and women.

The decline in production of these hormones is sometimes caused by a tumor developed in your pituitary gland, called pituitary adenoma. Deficiency can also be caused by treating the adenoma with radiotherapy or surgery. Injecting adults with a deficiency of growth hormones can increase their bone density, muscle mass and exercise capacity while reducing body fat. HGHs are also proven treatment measures for HIV or AIDS related wastage of muscles.

Results of HGHs on Adults Considered Otherwise Healthy

The number of studies relating to healthy adults consuming HGHs is limited. Despite the fact that HGH injections have the potential to increase bone density and muscle mass, and significantly decrease body fat in otherwise healthy adults, there is no promise of increased strength. It is still not confirmed whether or not HGHs provide other advantages to healthy old people. HGH can’t be legitimately prescribed as an anti-aging treatment. The correct use and diagnosis is Adult Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency Disorder.

The Risks Related to the Intake of HGHs When Not Necessary

While human growth hormones may have their benefits, injections must be taken only if they are prescribed by reputed doctors. Taking an HGH injection without a prescription, or without the need for it, can lead to a series of side effects including inflammation in the legs and arms, pain in the joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain in the muscles and gynecomastia – a condition that enlarges the breast tissues in men. The unnecessary intake of HGHs can also result in the development of conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

According to research, the side effects of hormone therapy are not as likely in younger men as compared to older adults. Most of the studies pertaining to adults’ intake of HGHs are short-term, making it difficult for medical experts to clearly predict whether the effect will become worse or eventually dissipate.

And the Bottom Line Is…

If any concerns must arise about aging, you must consult your doctor and discuss the proven measures that can be taken to enhance your health. Healthy choices in your daily lifestyle – such as healthy eating and performing physical exercises on a daily basis can make a significant difference to your health during old age. Hormone therapy can be useful for those with growth hormone deficiency, as it helps such individuals receive renewed strength to go about daily activities during old age.