Could Your Fingers Reveal a Higher Testosterone Level?

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Can you tell a if a man has a higher testosterone level just by looking at him? Ask a dozen women, and you are likely to get a dozen different answers, from facial hair, to head hair, or lack thereof.

A recent study from the UK suggests that the size of a certain appendage (and no, not the one you may be thinking of) could be an indication of a man’s testosterone level.

The researchers found that men with an index finger that is shorter than his ring finger, was exposed to more testosterone in the womb. Therefore he has a higher testosterone level as an adult.

The researchers conclude that this physical artifact can reveal much about a man’s dating habits. It may even have women checking out a guy’s hand for more than just the presence of a wedding ring!

Finger Ratio and a Higher Testosterone Level

higher testosterone levelThe researchers found some interesting data when comparing men with smaller index fingers to men with longer index fingers.

Those with the smaller fingers, were more likely to pay for dinner and were more likely to shower their dates with extravagant gifts. Men who had and index finger longer than their ring fingers were much less likely.

The men with the smaller index finger/larger ring finger ratio were also more likely to work out, care more about their overall looks, and have a stronger sex drive. All of which are typically common of men with a higher testosterone level.

The scientists concluded that those kinds of behaviors are all attributed to a higher testosterone level. These conclusions were back up with the understanding that finger size is largely determined by exposure to testosterone in the womb.

The finger ratio described is a result of higher exposure to testosterone in the womb. Biologically speaking, short index fingers with longer ring fingers are called “masculinized fingers.”

Men with this type of finger ratio, tend to be more aggressive and athletic, and presumably with a higher testosterone level.

Take a look at your own hand, what do you see? Do you agree with this study’s findings?

How Can You Find Your Testosterone Level?

This research may be interesting, but the size of your fingers are not the most accurate way of revealing your current testosterone level. There really is only one way to know for sure.

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