Metabolic Syndrome X

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The conditions are obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. People with any or all of these conditions are the victims of metabolic syndrome X.

All these disorders lead to high insulin levels in the blood and also cause injury to blood vessels. This syndrome makes the body resistant to insulin, so it is also called insulin resistance syndrome. It is becoming more widespread day-by-day and is more common in women having polycystic ovaries disorder.

How does metabolic Syndrome X affect men?

Some of the symptoms of this syndrome are high blood pressure, high levels of fat, and low levels of good cholesterol in the blood vessels. These result in stiffening or hardening of the arteries, high insulin levels, and inability to manage blood sugar, abnormal obesity around the middle of the body, and tendency for inflammation and blood clots inside the body.

If one finds these symptoms, then one should try to eliminate the causes for obesity, insulin abundance, etc, and also simultaneously treat the risk factors for heart diseases that are caused by these symptoms. Modification of sedentary lifestyle is generally helpful in treating metabolic syndrome X. Testosterone along with HGH treatment plans, combined with correct diet and exercise have been show to prevent and reverse problems associated with metabolic syndrome X.

Causes and How to prevent it

Causes – The exact causes of metabolic syndrome X are yet to be known because it has very complex origins. But doctors have identified three main causes of this syndrome which are sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and genetic inheritance of the condition. Basically, people born with the genetic affinity towards insulin resistance are likely to get metabolic syndrome X if they do not exercise enough and gain weight.

People who are low on activity are also in danger of developing this syndrome, even if they do not become fat. Smoking also causes high risk for metabolic syndrome X. Aging, especially in women after menopause, is also a cause for this syndrome. Low hormone levels in men are also associated with metabolic syndrome X.

Prevention – Changing one’s lifestyle to incorporate more activity and exercise is a key factor for the prevention of metabolic syndrome X. Keeping one’s blood sugar levels under control and maintaining healthy levels of good cholesterol in one’s blood are also important. One should take care to keep stress off one’s lifestyle. Healthy levels of exercise help keep stress as well as excessive fat away from one’s body.

Getting enough exercise is not difficult if you get enrolled in a gym and go there sincerely on a regular basis. The exercise should be more or less strenuous. But remember that you should do the type of exercise that you like. It would be difficult for you to keep doing it for a long time if you are not enjoying it.

A healthy diet should also be followed parallel to your exercise schedule. You should also avoid table salt. In addition to all of this, you should go for regular checkups in order to monitor your blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels. If you see that the levels are not appropriate, then you should make arrangements to bring further changes to your lifestyle. This is because preventing metabolic syndrome X is the best way to be safe from heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes.