Improve Your Sleep: 5 Tips

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Sleep isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. Your racing thoughts, your discomfort, and insomnia often make it difficult for you to get the good night’s sleep your body needs to function properly. Medical professionals agree that seven to eight hours of solid sleep each night is what it takes for the adult body to function properly. If you’re not receiving that kind of sleep, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes to make it possible.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol 

Caffeine and alcohol wreak havoc on your ability to sleep well at night. Both should be avoided from four to six hours prior to your bedtime. Both act as a stimulant that makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. While it might seem that an alcoholic beverage or two makes you feel tired, it will turn into a stimulant a few hours after consumption, waking you up at night.

Create a Restful Place to Sleep 

Too many people use their bedrooms for activities other than sleep and intimacy. This is a problem when it comes to your sleep habits. If you’d like to improve sleep, get rid of your electronics. Make it a habit to ban them from your bedroom. This means no phones, televisions, tablets, or computers. Your room should be dark and quiet to promote healthy sleep habits.

Create a Consistent Sleep Schedule 

When you throw your body off its sleep schedule it becomes confused. Instead of going to bed at all different hours and waking up at all different hours each day, set a bedtime routine that’s healthy for your body. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Do not allow yourself to deviate more than a half hour from your bed and waking times.

Use Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Hormone replacement therapy is a viable solution for anyone who suffers from issues such as sleep apnea. It’s used to contribute to a deeper sleep and a more restful night. Hormone replacement therapy works to prevent your body from light sleep that causes you to wake frequently. The deeper you sleep, the more rested your body becomes.

Exercise When You Rise

This is a helpful tip for two reasons. Exercise too close to bedtime can stimulate your body and make it impossible for you to sleep. Exercise first thing in the morning stimulates your body and makes it possible for you to boost your energy level and your metabolism throughout the day.