How to Improve Cholesterol

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Whether you have recently discovered that you have high cholesterol or if you have had a lifelong battle with it, improving your cholesterol can be done with a few lifestyle changes and a commitment to your body and overall health. When you want to receive low cholesterol results the next time you visit your doctor, you can implement a few different habit changes to help you in your journey.

Making Dietary Changes

Making dietary changes can help to drastically reduce your cholesterol that is bad while helping to maintain the good cholesterol in your body. Eating more nuts can help with increasing the ration of HDL to LDL. A study from Loma Linda University found that eating just a bit more than 2 ounces of nuts each day helped to increase the overall ration of HDL to LDL in the blood by 8.3% altogether. Eating 12 to 16 macadamia nuts each day in replacement of other necessary calories has shown to increase HDL levels by 8 percent.

Drinking cranberry juice can also help to increase HDL levels. Drinking 3 8-ounce glasses of cranberry juice for just a day may help to increase HDL levels by 10% or more. Increasing HDL levels by 10% can help to decrease the risk of developing any form of heart disease by 40%. Eating grapefruit once a day can help to reduce the overall narrowing of arteries by 46%, while also lowering LDL cholesterol by 10%.

Hormone Therapy

Another option to help achieve low cholesterol results the next time you have blood work done is to consider hormone therapy. Hormone therapy such as testosterone injections has been known to help lower cholesterol while raising good cholesterol in the body.


Exercising at least 20 to 30 minutes each day can help to increase your HDL by 2.5 points when done consistently. Increasing your endurance over time will help to boost your HDL even more. When you workout for 30 minutes instead of 20, you add an additional 1.4 points to your HDL over time. Other forms of exercise that are beneficial to the heart and when you are seeking low cholesterol include walking, swimming and even participating in outdoor sports if possible.

Get Enough Calcium

Getting enough calcium can greatly impact your good cholesterol score. Taking a 1,000 mg calcium supplement each day on a regular basis can help to raise HDL cholesterol levels by 7% or more.