How to Boost Your Energy

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Low energy levels affect more than how we feel. They make us less productive, less active and more stressed. An extended period of low energy levels can lead to side effects like weight gain, anxiety and strained personal relationships. Put down the sugary drink and pack of fatty snacks. These five simple tricks will raise your energy levels in no time fast.

1. Follow your sleep cycle. Do you hit the snooze button over and over again the morning? Chances are your alarm is waking you up during the middle of your sleep cycle. Use a sleep cycle app to program your alarm to match your sleep cycle.  By doing so, you will more refreshed and less groggy when the alarm goes off.

2. Drink caffeine wisely. Many of us can hardly make it through the day without a cup of Joe. Caffeine can be a good way to boost energy levels but only when done so wisely. Forget sugary coffee drinks and stick to the real stuff — pass on the sodas and energy products. All you need is a cup of hot piping coffee or caffeinated tea. An extra serving after lunch can help you beat the post-lunch slump. Avoid coffee late in the day or you might risk disrupting your rest.

3. Talk to your doctor about hormone therapy. Sometimes there’s more than a bad night’s sleep to blame for low energy levels. Many men suffer from low testosterone levels as they age. Less testosterone production can make us feel moody and fatigued. Hormone therapy can reduce tiredness and have you feeling like yourself again.

4. Forgo the long winter’s nap. If you’re going to nap, keep it short and sweet. A 20 minute lie-down is enough time to re-energize. Long naps make it harder to maintain a regular sleep schedule. If you can’t shake the craving for a nap, go for a quick walk or run. The extra boost of energy will release endorphins to improve your mood as well.

5. Check your diet. We all know sugary snacks and heavy foods can lower our energy levels. Other foods can have an effect as well. Are you getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet? This vitamin is essential to a healthy metabolism and absorption of nutrients, which can affect your quality of sleep. Add foods rich in vitamin B12 to your diet like salmon, yogurt and eggs.