Dwight Howard Back on the Court Thanks to PRP

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NBA star Dwight Howard is feeling the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, as he led the Houston Rockets to a 108–96 victory over the Denver Nuggets in his triumphant return to the courts on December 13th.

Howard, was out for 11 games with a strained right knee. He thinks he would have been out much longer, if he had not tried the PRP treatments. Howard has faced knee injuries before, but this is the first time he tried PRP.

Judging by his powerful performance in his return game – he scored 26 points, had, 13 rebounds and three blocks – the treatment was a resounding success. Rockets coach Kevin McHale said it is very rare for a player to come back so good after being out for that many games. Howard said after the game the only problems he had was the knee feeling “a little stiff” when he went to the bench.

His return to the floorboards marked another milestone, more than 10,000 career rebounds.

What is PRP?

What is PRP?The goal of sports medicine is not only to ensure that athletes can train and compete at peak performance, but also to help them recover from injury and prevent future injuries.

The techniques used by sports medicine physicians are designed to both strengthen and repair, and therefore certainly can benefit regular folks as much as the pros, particularly in the areas of age management. PRP is one of these techniques.

In age management procedures, just as in the sports world, we can and do use PRP to help with joint pain, back pain and other orthopedic conditions. We have also developed our own proprietary use of PRP Therapies to treat sexual wellness issues in men and women.

The secret to PRP is the undifferentiated stem cells that are present in your blood. These are sometimes referred to as “growth factors.” These growth factors are found within blood cells known as platelets.

Platelets are what bind together to form clots in response injuries, such as open or internally bleeding wounds. PRP is plasma, or the liquid portion of your blood, that has had the red and white blood cells removed, and the levels of platelets significantly increased. PRP can contain as much as ten times the amount of growth factors as ordinary plasma.

How Does PRP Work?

How Does PRP Work?Apparently when PRP is injected it makes your body “think” there is an injury at the injection site. This stimulates the stem cells to produce new cells in response.

In the areas treated with PRP we see a sudden and on-going production cells, the healing of damaged cells, and improved health of existing cells — all of which contribute to overall tissue renewal.

PRP can also be used for sexual wellness and aesthetics. When used correctly PRP can help men achieve longer, stronger and more sustainable erections. In women it brings about improved lubrication stimulation, and the ability to achieve orgasms.

PRP is also effectively used in the Vampire Facelift® and other non-surgical facial rejuvenative procedures.

The same groundbreaking technique that saw Dwight Howard return and led his team to victory, can also help you get “back in your game!”


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