Does an Orgasm A Day Keep the Doctor Away?

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It’s been said that famous blond bombshell Mae West once pronounced, “Forget the apples, it’s an orgasm a day that keeps the doctors away.” Current medical research seems to indicate she may have been right!

A recent study by Duke University reported that having around 200 orgasms a year could reduce your “physiological age” by about six years. Another study, this one in the UK, found that people who had at least two orgasms every week had half the death rate of those who had sex less than once a month.

The researchers attributed this to several reasons, primarily, that an orgasm is a “release” in more ways than one. Orgasms reduce stress and tension. They can also:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve sleep
  • Strengthen muscles and decrease pain
  • Improve blood flow
  • Fight depression and negativity

So, a prescription of “have an orgasm and call me in the morning” could add years to your life!

Male Vs Female Orgasms

Here’s the thing about that particular prescription. It can be a little easier to follow for men, than women. There are many reasons both psychological and physiological as to why but generally speaking, alone, or with a partner, it is harder for females to achieve orgasm than their male counter parts.

Sex therapists remind both men and women that, “the female orgasm is a very individual experience, with every woman having different things that work for her.”

We also know that unlike men, women can experience different kinds of orgasms based on their more unique anatomy. A woman can have clitoral, g-spot and or cervical “orgasms,” or any combination thereof.

The key is for women to come to understand their own bodies well, through self-exploration. This way you can begin to understand what you like, and what you do not like, and share that with your partner.

How to Improve Your Sexual Wellness

How to Improve Your Sexual wellness - Female sexual wellness: O-ShotDespite today’s women having a deeper understanding of their own sexuality, and sexual identities, and despite our growing knowledge about how important sex is to overall health –not every woman is having the kind of sex life they want or deserve.

But for women who may be having some trouble achieving orgasms, or may be experiencing some of the other sexual wellness issues that can come with age, or stress, such as vaginal dryness and loss of sensation, there is help available.

It is called the O-shot, and this remarkable “vaginal rejuvenation” procedure was once again part of the ultra-exclusive, ultra-luxurious “goody bags” given to A-list celebrities at the 2015 Oscars.

But you do not have to be a Hollywood celebrity to receive the benefits of the O-shot. This breakthrough procedure is available from trained and qualified sexual wellness practitioners. It uses something known as Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, which uses the healing factors in your own blood to increase the frequency and sensitivity of your orgasms, improve stimulation, and lubrication. Women have achieved immediate and positive results with the O-shot in a single, pain free office visit!

Are you satisfied with your sex life?

Have you or anyone you know tried the O-shot or any other sexual wellness treatments, what were the results?

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