3 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

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A lot of people get hung up about why they aren’t losing weight. They jump on their scales filled with hope to see that new low number, but when it isn’t what they expected it to be, it damages their self-confidence.

Sometimes, however, we have to look beyond the scale and really question why we aren’t losing fat. It could be that we’ve plateaued at the gym, or maybe something else is going on that a scale can’t tell us. Here are some reasons the scale may not be budging despite a healthy diet or regular fitness regimen:

Your Workout Isn’t Hard Enough: It could be that despite the fact you’re going to the gym, you aren’t doing enough to get your body to burn those calories. Sometimes it takes more than a 30-minute walk to really chip into your fat and move your goals along. Try to always maintain your ideal heart rate to improve fat loss during and after your workout.

You’re Gaining Muscle: The scale can’t tell you what is happening with the actual development of your body. It can only tell you how much weight you’ve lost or put on. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’ve been hitting the weights extra hard but your weight has stayed the same or increased, you could be adding muscle.

Your Diet Could Be Better: You think you’ve been eating healthy because you’ve been buying all of the “healthy” pre-prepped meals form the freezer aisle. Chances are the meals are actually worse for you than most “bad” foods you’ve been told not to eat. Try to prepare all of your food from scratch, so you can have full control of what is going into your body. This makes it easier to keep track of your caloric intake.

Next time you want to check your progress at the scale, keep in mind that it may not be giving you the full story. The best way to check your progress is by measuring your body fat every couple of months or checking your physique to see if any obvious changes have occurred.