Can You Get in Trouble by Buying HGH Online?

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Hormone injections are sometimes used by athletes and professional sportspeople. Although it enhances their performance, they can land into serious trouble when they are caught. Regular people who need HGH because of an adult onset growth hormone deficiency can also get into hot water if they are not diligent and don’t get their HGH medication form an established and respected doctor or clinic.

While laws are different in various countries, injectable rDNA HGH is considered illegal in the United States unless an individual has a valid physician’s prescription and has gone to see a doctor who has performed the right evaluation and given the correct diagnosis. Some providers in the US don’t require a “face-to-face” doctor’s visit which is not allowed and if everything is performed over the phone can be considered illegal.

It’s very important that HGH treatment plans comply with correct and up-to-date protocols. Men and women who are on HGH therapy should always be monitored via frequent blood testing and have consistent dialogue with the prescribing physician to ensure a successful treatment. This “continuity of medical care” makes the therapy safe and within correct guidelines.

How to know whether or not HGH is Legal?

HGH is a widely used medicine that is commonly mistaken for steroids, when in truth it is produced naturally by the human body. When an individual has been prescribed HGH therapy by his or her doctor, growth hormone can’t be legally purchased via online pharmacies. To ensure one is following correct guidelines HGH medications must come from a pharmacy located in the US. The prescription must be filled at a US pharmacy. Using a foreign online pharmacy is not allowed.

Physician prescribed HGH is legal in the US so long as certain steps are made. Injectable HGH must never be purchased online without prescription. Even here in the USA there are some companies that can provide HGH “with a prescription” but their approach tends to fall way short of good practices.

If you have been prescribed HGH and have not seen a doctor face-to-face for the initial evaluation that is not good. If you have not gone through a detailed evaluation before starting (i.e. Correct labwork, physical exam, etc) that is not good. If you are using HGH and have been advised on dosage from a non-licensed health care professional that’s an issue too. All of these aspects run the risk of getting the user into trouble with the authorities.