Top 5 Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

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New research is coming out nearly every day that verifies the astounding number of positive benefits of growth hormone therapy.

For many years, explorers and scientists alike have looked for the Fountain of Youth. HGH may be what they have been searching for! Forget the myths and misconceptions you may have heard about growth hormone being a “performance enhancing drug.” Thousands of men and women are literally “turning back the clock” through the new science of Human Growth Hormone Therapy!

Top 5 Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy:

  1. Helps with weight loss – One of the key roles of the growth hormone normally produced by your body is the regulation of fat metabolism. As you age, and your HGH levels drop, your ability to burn fat decreases, you gain weight, particularly belly fat. It also then becomes much harder to lose that weight. Growth hormone therapy improves your ability to burn fat and build muscle.
  2. Improves the results of your workouts – As stated above, because growth hormone improves metabolism, and helps to promote increasing lean muscle, it will improve the results of any workout regimen you are on. That is why many health professionals refer to growth hormone as “the fitness hormone.”
  3. Sexual wellness – HGH promotes improved sexual performance in both men and women, and specifically in men, may decrease the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.
  4. Promotes cardiovascular health – Again, this comes back to fat metabolism. People who are low in growth hormone tend to be obese by BMI standard. Obesity increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and related conditions such as diabetes.
  5. Promotes strong and healthy bones – Growth hormone is essential to bone health. Growth hormone therapy helps to build strong bones, can prevent or delay the onset of osteoporosis, and can improve your bones’ ability to heal from breaks or fractures.

Real Growth Hormone Therapy Vs. HGH Supplements

Real Growth Hormone Therapy Vs. HGH SupplementsIf you googled “Growth Hormone Therapy” or “HGH Supplementation,” you will probably come across many websites claiming to sell “Human Growth Hormone.” You must understand, that the only way to receive the benefits of “real” HGH is with a doctor’s prescription.

These kinds of products, or so-called “HGH supplements,” are not growth hormone, and by law cannot contain any human growth hormone. At best they may be combinations of protein powders and amino acids, which may increase your body’s own production of HGH. At worst, they contain worthless or even harmful ingredients.

Actual growth hormone therapy is only administered via injection, and available only via a doctor’s prescription, based on a legitimate medical need.

If you are a man or woman, over 35 and are feeling tired, sluggish, and overweight, and would like to experience the many life-changing benefits of growth hormone therapy, contact our offices.

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