The Anti-Aging Benefits of HGH Optimization

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HGH or Human Growth Hormone has been generating quite a buzz around the anti-aging community, and rightfully so. Is HGH the “Fountain of Youth” some claim it to be? Hardly, and my regular readers know to steer clear of anyone making such claims about any product or therapy. However, when used correctly by an experienced practitioner, HGH can be a valuable tool in an overall approach to optimal aging.

HGH is a hormone regularly produced by the pituitary gland. It is largely responsible for your body’s growth throughout your childhood into adulthood.

HGH does continue to be produced throughout life, but at diminished levels. Which has led researchers to speculate that it may be responsible not only for physical growth from child to adult, but is in some part responsible for the increased strength and vitality of youth.

HGH and Aging

There is an avenue of research that now suggests that HGH is not only related to some of the loss of energy and strength that happens as you grow older, but its decline beginning in your 20s, may actually trigger the aging process.

How is this so? We commonly believe that the damage to the body we think of as aging – weakness, fatigue, aches, pains etc – is primarily caused by wear and tear. But, the reason most of us are so significantly weaker and frailer in our 60s then in our 20s has less to do with the damage done, but with your body’s ability to repair that damage.

Human Growth Hormone is responsible for growing new cells as you physically grow from child to adult. After that, your body continues to produce HGH, not so you can grow to giant proportions, but so you can continue to produce new cells to replace dying, dead, and damaged ones.

HGH is essential for healing. As you get older, it isn’t that you are doing more damage over time to your body causing the problem – it is the lowered level of HGH that lowers your body’s ability to produce new cells. So you can see how optimizing your levels of HGH can improve vitality and longevity.

The landmark study that reported the anti-aging benefits of HGH was published in 1991 in the New England Journal of Medicine, by Dr. Daniel Rudman and his fellow researchers at The University of Wisconsin. Rudman studied 12 men aged 61 to 80. After six months of intramuscular injections of HGH, all of the men had lost 14% of their body fat and increased lean muscle mass by almost 9%.

The men also documented improvements in bone density, improved skin health, and improved sexual performance. The published study concluded, “these injections appear able to reverse 10 years of aging with one year of treatment.”

Several studies since Dr. Rudman’s echo his results. Today safer and more effective ways to administer HGH are being perfected all of the time.

HGH Optimization

HGH Optimization for Anti-AgingWhile the exact role HGH plays in aging is still being investigated, what we do know is the various anti-aging benefits that can be achieved through HGH optimization.

Think back to when you were a teen. Remember how you could eat a whole pepperoni pizza and not gain an ounce, and today you look at one slice and it’s an extra five pounds? That is because teens have extraordinarily high metabolisms to fuel the growth and changes of adolescence. That super-high metabolic rate is stimulated by the large presence of HGH in the body of teens.

Clinical studies have found that same increase in metabolism and increased ability to burn fat and build lean muscle, could also be accomplished with supplemental HGH in adults well beyond their teen years.

In addition, HGH optimization has been found to:

  • Increase mental acuity
  • Improve sexual function
  • Rejuvenate every cell in the body
  • Help your body heal faster
  • Boost energy to youthful levels

Do you think you may be suffering from Low HGH?

Have you, or has anyone you know tried HGH or any other hormone optimization therapies, what were the results?

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