Undergoing HGH Treatment from the Right Physicians

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Where is HGH used? Is it the same for children and adults?

For children, HGH is especially useful to regulate growth hormones and boost production of sex hormones in cases of shortage. Additionally, children born with insufficiency or deficiency of specific bodily functions are administered HGH to boost and regulate their body.

On the other hand, adults are often given HGH to compensate for deficiency and muscle wastage caused by diseases like HIV/AIDS or pituitary tumors. HGH is also useful for short bowel syndrome which is a condition that does not result in proper nutrient absorption in seniors. HGH is increasingly used by individuals who are enrolled in an age management or anti-aging treatment plan because of its rejuvenating effects.

The Daniel Rudman HGH study

Years of intensive clinical research has proven that human growth hormone can reverse the signs of aging and make you feel stronger and more youthful. It is also a stepping stone in extending human life expectancy through hormone supplementation.

These results were determined after a ground breaking study headed by Dr Daniel Rudman in 1990. The research participants mainly comprised of seniors over the age of 60, with an average age of 71 years.

While one section of the participants was given HGH, the remaining was administered a placebo. It was found that the placebo group showed no signs of age reversal while the HGH group showed age reversal of up to twenty years. It was established that human growth hormone rejuvenated the body and restored shrinking cells to their normal size.

Results of HGH therapies

When HGH was administered to a group of 200 patients, it was found that eight out of ten participants reported a reduction in body fat, six out of ten showed wrinkle reduction and improved memory functions. More than 65% of the participants enjoyed emotional stability while 75% enjoyed sexual potency and an improved libido. Almost 85% of the participants showed increased energy levels while almost 90% reported stronger and healthier muscles.

How safe is HGH?

When administered by a certified physician, HGH therapy is completely safe while promising great results. The only care you should take when opting for growth hormone treatment is to choose the right doctors who prescribe HGH injections. With the right doses and correct medical monitoring, you can enjoy sizeable benefits without experiencing side effects.

Why should you choose HGH specialists from AAG Health?

If you are looking for safe and effective human growth hormone therapy, AAG Health’s team of certified physicians can help you out. AAG Health offers HGH treatment with expert physicians that prescribe HGH based on your situation.

You can improve your cognitive functions and experience a boost in muscle mass, sexual health, energy levels, concentration, heart health and overall youthfulness.

Apart from human growth hormone, experts at AAG Health also prescribe a combination of other hormone medications to boost hormonal levels for testosterone, thyroid, estrogen, DHEA etc.