The Real Story With Peyton Manning and HGH Therapy

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In late December it was alleged that superstar quarterback Peyton Manning received shipments of human growth hormone, or HGH Therapy to his home.

The accusations were made not by a reliable American news outlet, but in an Al Jazeera TV “documentary.”

Manning did not deny that the HGH was shipped to his home, but dismissed the allegations saying that the hormones were being used by his wife.

The supposed documentary featured a pharmacist by the name of Charles Sly.

Sly said he shipped the HGH to Manning while working for an Indianapolis “anti-aging clinic.” The clinic in question denied that Sly even worked for them at the time he claims to have sold the HGH to Manning, who, he alleges, told him to put it in his wife’s name

Since the initial claims in the documentary, Sly, recanted his story.

You would think that was the end of the allegations, but, the story does not want to die so easily.

Further Accusations on HGH therapy Use

Soon after Sly retracted his story, Al Jazeera told CNN, that they had “other sources” who backed up the claims made in the documentary entitled, The Dark Side.  They have not revealed this supposed second source.

Furthermore, the sources only verifies that the HGH was sent to the manning home, prescribed to his wife, not Peyton. It is very possible that she was using the HGH for its many known benefits to women.

The Benefits of HGH Therapy

HGH therapy for recovery from sports injuriesScientists and doctors know that HGH can increase strength and endurance. That is why it is banned by pro-sports as a performance enhancing substance.

HGH therapy also can enhance or improve the healing of orthopedic injuries. The accusation by Sly against Manning is, that is precisely what he was using it for – to help him recover more quickly from the neck injuries that sidelined him in 2013.

If, and that is admittedly a big IF, that is true, and that was how Manning was using HGH if it all, it is a far cry from him using it to “cheat.”

HGH Therapy is also being used to help men and woman over 35 “age better.”

Many of the problems we think of as “growing old,” Fatigue, weakness, sexual issues, can be related to declining levels of human growth hormone. HGH therapy, such as those legally provided by HealthGAINS, provide real improvements and can help patients feel younger, stronger and more vital.

HGH Therapy is even getting a “second look” in the sports world. As we recently reported, “Shark Tank” investor and sports team owner Mark Cuban, has invested personally in research into using HGH to help heal sports related injuries.

What is HGH Exactly?

HGH is a hormone. It is the hormone that regulates and stimulates the processes that allow your body to grow from childhood to adulthood. Without adequate HGH production, your bones and muscles would not grow, and you would stay the size you were as a child.

HGH is necessary for you to literally “grow-up. But once you are an adult, you do not “outgrow” your need for HGH.

HGH controls cellular growth throughout your life. As cells become damaged due to injury or age
it is HGH Therapy that facilitates their replacement.

HGH Therapy for HGH declineThat is why HGH is essential for maintaining muscle and building stronger bones at any age. However, even though HGH is necessary for survival, your levels of HGH do drop the older you get. HGH production eases off most significantly between the ages of 35 and 55.

It is no coincidence that those are the very ages when both men and women start to complain of “feeling older.”

Once you are on the plus side of 35 your HGH level goes down about 2%-4% every year. The older you get, the more that percentage drops. That lack of HGH influence almost all of the issues we think of as “just getting old,” from lack of energy, to weight gain and sexual wellness issues.

However, you can replace what time and nature take away with HGH therapy.