Increased Use of HGH for Anti-Aging

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The latest among them is injectable HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, which even A-list celebrities swear by. The latest solution to aging has become highly popular among several Hollywood celebrities for many reasons.

One, it is a simple process that is available in the United States. Second it makes a person feel almost 20 years younger! Added to that, the person’s energy levels increase and making them much more active, resulting in better quality of life.

Hollywood’s Who’s Who on HGH

Gone are the days when actors spent a fortune to look young. Many actors, actresses and other celebrities in the entertainment industry are bidding goodbye to the fad diets and expensive anti-aging treatments. Instead, they are switching to the less expensive HGH injections that are much safer than other anti-aging supplements.

Reports suggest that Sylvester Stallone is among one of the top Hollywood stars who rely on HGH to stay young. Pop sensation Madonna has also mentioned her use of HGH. Actress Suzanne Somers, who referred to HGH as “Sex in a capsule”, also reportedly, takes HGH injections for that youthful look. Alana Stewart and Nick Nolte are also said to be taking HGH Injections to stay young and extend their Hollywood careers as much as they can.

It’s not just Hollywood. Even those in the field of sport are known to be relying on HGH therapy. Erstwhile NFL star Ed Lothamer has been taking HGH injections for as long as 8 years now, after his doctor legally prescribed it to him. His wife Beth Lothamer, who was also prescribed the injection, admitted on “Good Morning America”, that she felt a lot younger, with better skin and improved sex life, after she started taking HGH.

Baby Boomers Benefitting by HGH Injections

It is not just the celebs who are spending on HGH injections. Today, a number of average Americans, most of them from the highly successful baby boomer generation, are also checking into HGH clinics A study in the 1990s has proven that taking HGH injections for a period of 6 months can reduce the body fat by over 14%, while it can improve the growth of lean muscle by 8.8%, resulting in a youthful look in the person.

After HGH came into limelight, a number of companies started offering OTC creams, powders and other supplements for anti-aging. However, it was soon discovered that HGH functions only when it gets into the system, which is why the use of over-the-counter HGH product usage has declined. If you wish to benefit from HGH injections, it is important to understand that use of HGH should be via injection only, under the guidance of an expert medical professional.

HGH Used for Anti-Aging

While HGH injections can help people feel and look younger, they are not legitimately prescribed for anti-aging. HGH is a prescription drug only HGH doctors can recommend and must be given to a person only if his or her natural levels of the growth hormone are below normal.

This should be done after a series of blood tests and a comprehensive medical evaluation that establishes benchmarks. After the HGH treatment begins, regular tests should be done to make sure that the hormone levels are balanced. This should all be done under a doctor’s supervision.