Human Growth Hormone Therapy

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These include Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome (GHD) or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD), which can affect both adults and children and Small Gestational Age (SGA). HGH is sometimes used for other purposes as well, including weight loss and to combat AIDS wasting.

Why is low HGH a problem?

It is natural for human growth hormone to diminish as a person ages, although other circumstances can cause a decline in HGH. When HGH is lost, whether through the natural aging process or other causes, loss of energy and fatigue, reduced stamina and endurance, weight gain and muscle loss, inability to sleep, memory and mood disturbance, deceased cell and organ regeneration after injury or illness can occur.

What is the cost of HGH therapy?

The cost of real Injectable HGH can vary, depending on many factors. These include the type of HGH injectable that will be prescribed and the duration of the HGH treatment plan. Growth hormone treatment cost also depends on the dose prescribed. Many HGH therapies are customized to each specific patient and can change as a hormone replacement program progresses. As a result, the level of physician monitoring and supervision may vary which can also affect cost of HGH therapy.

Where can I get HGH therapy?

There are HGH clinics and HGH physicians in most major cities in the United States. In order to receive treatment and obtain human growth hormone injections legally, it must be prescribed by a medical doctor. There are many doctors who specialize in HGH therapy and can guide you as to whether or not hormone replacement therapy with injectable growth hormone is an option for you. No one should begin HGH therapy without first consulting a licensed health care professional.