How Can HGH Therapy Be Used to Treat Sports Injuries?

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You may have heard about HGH Therapy  in the news or media outlets lately as a result of Mark Cuban’s decision to fund a new research study centered on HGH. This high-profile billionaire “shark” investor, is backing research into the therapeutic uses of human growth hormone.

As the owner of a major sports franchise, Mark Cuban is no stranger to the use, and potential abuse of HGH. But, the study he has put up $800,000 for has nothing to do with HGH for performance enhancement.

Instead, it is looking into how HGH Therapy can be used to accelerate the healing of some of the most common sports injuries.

How Can HGH Therapy Promote Healing?

HGH therapy for sports related injuriesIt has long been thought that HGH Therapy could be used to improve healing of joint injuries. After all, HGH’s purpose in the body is to stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells.

It stands to reason that HGH therapy could have a similar effect in healing diseased and damaged joints. This is very similar to other injectable therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma and stem cells.

In 2010, a study was conducted in Denmark to test that theory.

The Danes set out to test, not if HGH could help heal damaged joints, but if it could strengthen healthy ones. They gave 30 men daily injections of HGH into the knees over the course of 14 days.

They found that the HGH therapy significantly boosted the production of collagen in the knee joint.

The research that Mark Cuban is funding is a kind of follow-up to the Danish study to see if HGH therapy can help restore collagen in injured knees and speed recovery of some of the most costly sports injuries.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH therapy for declining HGH levelsHGH is a hormone. It is what makes your body grow and mature from child to adult. HGH continues to play a critical role even after you are “all grown up.” Throughout your life you must continue to produce HGH to help you build string muscles and bones.

Your body produces less and less HGH as you get older. The seemingly limitless energy you see in kids, is largely due to their high amounts of HGH. Even though you need HGH to survive and thrive throughout your lifespan, HGH levels get lower the older you get.

The production of HGH slows down the most between the ages of 35 and 55.

Once you are nearing the age of 40 you can expect your HGH level to drop about 2%-4% every year.

As you get older that percentage drop in HGH gets bigger. By the time you reach your 50’s, you start to feel that loss of HGH. You tire more quickly, you put on weight more easily, and find it is much harder to take it off. You may even start to experience sexual issues.

HGH Therapy

HGH therapy may or may not turn out to be a new treatment for joint problems. Given my own personal experience with HGH, I suspect Marc Cuban’s backed HGH research will reveal positive results. What I do know for sure is that HGH therapy can help “turn back the clock.”

HGH therapy benefitsI am currently in the process of writing my second book, entitled “Restoring Youth – The New Science of HGH Replacement Therapy.”

In it you will find out how HGH treatments can:

  • Help you build muscle burn fat and
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Make your bod heals faster
  • Make you look and feel younger
  • Give you more energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost libido, and increase sexually performance


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Have you or anyone you know taken HGH, what were the results?