HGH Physicians in New York

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New York has a good number of anti-aging and hormone therapy clinics that are well-staffed with qualified medical professionals. Some of the big names you are likely to stumble upon include AAG Health and Wellness, Physioage and Cenegenics. Most of these clinics have qualified NYC HGH doctors, but only a few can boast the experience and expertise in anti-aging and hormone therapy as AAG Health.

Established over 10 years ago, this HGH clinic located just one block south of the Flatiron on Broadway has been a reliable provider of HGH and HRT therapy to stressed-out New Yorkers. The AAG facility in New York offers a unique concierge-like service to individuals who are young at heart, and want to look and feel young too. Benefits of HGH therapy at include:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Better muscle tone
  • Reduced fat
  • Increased libido
  • Better mood, lesser chances of depression

AAG has been catering to a number of men and women over the years, treating them of not just their HGH deficiency but also their low testosterone (Low T) levels and other hormonal problems. The programs offered by AAG are designed so that they improve both appearance and performance. AAG Health and Wellness has its flagship centers in New York, Miami and Chicago. It also has several regional centers across other states in the US.

How You Can Benefit from HGH Treatment

Men and women aged 40 or above tend to become tired soon. They may also start accumulating fat in places they’d not want it. One of the reasons for this is the decrease in the growth hormone levels. This can be dealt with well-designed hormone treatment solutions by the AAG Health HGH clinic in New York.

The therapy can last for a period of 6 months or a year, depending on the recommendations, which take place after an evaluation. When administered properly, the HGH therapy can also help in losing weight and building lean mass. Imagine having the figure you once had in your early twenties!

But besides the injections, a healthy diet and a regular dose of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle is also recommended. The combination of the therapy with proper diet and exercise can help you feel half your age and improve your activity levels. To put it simply, choose the right HGH therapy programs in NY and you will have a chance to do more in life, regardless of how old you are.