Are HGH Injections Legal?

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To treat certain “approved” conditions, one can use HGH injections. However, HGH is used as a PED, performance enhancement drug, by athletes and bodybuilders as it helps to build up muscle mass and speed up the recovery after an injury. While certain uses of HGH injections are legalized by the law, others have not obtained legal acceptance yet.

The popularity of HGH injections

The demand for HGH injections is seen to be on the rise and this can be attributed to many reasons. Apart from treating medical conditions, HGH injections can also be used for burning body fat and gaining muscle mass. This hormone can also increase the energy levels and endurance levels of people to a great extent. HGH injections are also seen to have a quick strengthening effect on the tendons, ligaments and cartilages. This helps in increasing the body’s strength and minimizing the chance of future injuries in case of an accident.

How to obtain legal HGH injections

To obtain HGH injections legally, one needs to obtain a prescription from a medical doctor, preferably one who specializes in HGH therapy. For this, you will have to undergo a thorough checkup and evaluation of your health status. The doctor should certify that you have symptoms that characterize a deficiency in the production of human growth hormone. This will be done by performing a physical examination and analyzing the results of a unique set of blood tests. Following this, the doctor will prescribe you with legal HGH injections, but only based on a particular diagnosis. The dosage and frequency of its administration will depend on your age, weight, height, and medical history.

The legality of HGH injections in the US

Since an HGH injection is neither a controlled substance nor a steroid, its use is permitted by the law in the US. But these injections are not to be bought online or from a local store. They should be obtained only from a US based pharmacy which has got the required licenses. Your medical practitioner will most probably prescribe legal HGH injections for an HGH deficiency disorder. Any other reason is frowned upon by authorities.

Legality of HGH outside the US

If a resident of the United States purchases HGH injections from a dealer outside the country, then it is considered to be an illegal act. This law applies, even if you are making the purchase from a country which doesn’t prohibit the sale of HGH injections. Purchasing HGH injections from an illegal foreign source is considered to be a felony, and you may have to face legal consequences for such an action.

Other forms of HGH

If you are not able to obtain legal HGH injections, then you can go for HGH supplements. These supplements do not contain HGH, but they act in such a way so as to stimulate the body to produce more HGH. These HGH supplements can be obtained from health food stores without any prescription. You can also buy legal HGH supplements from many sources on the Internet.