How Does HGH Grow Muscle?

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In the human body, HGH is responsible for:

  • Gaining height
  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Strengthening bones
  • Stabilizing metabolism of food
  • Maintaining balance between body fat and muscle
  • Increasing energy and overall well-being
  • Development and maintenance of organs and organ systems

When it is found that the body is not producing adequate quantities of this hormone, and that growth may be stunted, HGH therapy is often prescribed. It is also often abused by body-builders and professional athletes because of its muscle building properties. It can also be legitimately used in adults if they are showing signs and symptoms of an adult onset growth hormone deficiency.

How does HGH function?

In our bodies, muscle mass is determined by genetic predisposition and, after an age, the body stops building new muscles. After that, it is only possible to increase muscle cell size through intense exercise and risky steroids.

HGH therapy offers the body the ability to exceed its genetic limitations by helping to develop all new muscle cells and increase overall muscle mass. The first effect of HGH therapy is an increase in energy and a higher metabolism. This encourages physical activity, which leads to natural fat-burning.

When used with a regular exercise regimen, HGH improves the lean muscle in the body and also reduces the time it takes to recover from an intense workout. This means you’re fit and active, ready to burn unwanted fat and tone your body. HGH also increases your bone density and strengthens your tendons without the negative side effects of steroids.

How Muscle Mass is Improved with HGH

HGH therapy and supplements have shown great results when used to increase the body’s natural muscle mass. This is because it aids in the distribution and creation of amino acids in the body. These building blocks are responsible for the body’s development. HGH changes how the body uses these amino acids in a way that creates protein in the body and muscles are developed more easily.

It’s not just this direct effect of increase in muscle cells that’s responsible for the overall muscle mass improvement. There are plenty of effects of HGH that contribute to a leaner body indirectly. These hormones are shown to optimize how you use energy and can actually help to burn fat. It also makes the muscles in your body stronger, making it easier to avoid injuries. If they do occur, HGH has been proven to help repair this damage quickly and efficiently.

Why HGH is a Good Choice

HGH can be a great choice for some. There are innumerable products, medicines and steroids available on the market today that claim they will give you a great body with almost no effort. Many of these do not work and the ones that do may cause more harm than good.

Since HGH is a hormone that our bodies have always produced, HGH supplements rarely cause harm, when used correctly. It improves the natural functioning of the body and seeks to optimize the existing natural processes.

It’s well known that younger people produce more HGH and that the production decreases as time passes. For older men and women who find their bodies are weak and tend to put on weight easily because of low metabolism, HGH therapy can be a blessing. It helps your body continue to generate the positive hormones it needs for muscle development long after your 20’s.