Can HGH be used for Anti-aging?

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Clinical studies of HGH therapy such as the famous Daniel Rudman MD study, published by The New England Journal of medicine, have been used to market and promote many HGH clinics. The Rudman study saw increases on test subjects receiving “HGH Injections” with lean muscle mass, and decrease in fat tissue. Fans of this study claimed that HGH can reverse the aging process and reverse the aging process!

Can HGH be used for weight loss?

HGH and Weight Management: Together with other weight loss management tools including a proper diet, fitness and exercise programs, HGH has shown to be potentially beneficial for fat burn.

HGH treatment options

Whether the treatment is for an adult or child, the patient should contact a human growth hormone specialist in their area. These specialists are licensed medical doctors who can determine if HGH levels are low via an IGF-1 and IGF-BP3 test, and if so, if human growth hormone replacement therapy is needed.

If this decision is made, the therapy can be administered using recombinant rDNA HGH administered via injection. It’s a simple subcutaneous injection using very thin insulin style syringes given in to the belly fat.