What Are Good Brands of HGH?

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As men grow older, the production of their growth hormones is restricted. Adverse effects are observed in various aspects of life, making aging a bothersome experience. The symptoms of aging include loss of energy which was once abundant, weakening of bones and muscles, loss of stamina and sexual desire, lack of enthusiasm towards life, etc.

Although growth hormone levels decrease as you age, many anti-aging physicians believe that men age primarily due to the decrease in growth hormone levels. HGH injections may help in preventing the symptoms and signs of aging by inserting testosterone into the bloodstream of aging men, thereby making it easier to cope with the demands of old age. There is an actual condition known as adult onset growth hormone deficiency which results in a loss of HGH.

Benefits of HGH Injections

HGH injections offer aging men and women with a growth hormone deficiency a host of health benefits. Some of these benefits include decrease in body fat, toxins, sweat, night-time urination, and bad cholesterol, an increase in lean muscle, bone density, potency and sex drive, and good cholesterol. HGH injections also help in improving a number of aspects such as flexibility, cardiac function, oxygen intake, insulin regulation, glucose metabolism, thyroid and immune functions, sleep, mood, memory, energy, focus and concentration, vision, nail and hair growth, penile erection, etc. In addition, HGH injections also help in rebuilding muscles and joints, strengthening connective tissues, normalizing blood pressure, preventing shrinkage of organs, enhancing libido, speeding up the healing of wounds, and restoring hair color and textures.

Choosing the Best Brand on Offer

HGH injections were first introduced to the market during the 1990s, but recent years have seen them gain approval as reliable solutions to growth hormone deficiencies. There are a number of brands available at your disposal. Following are a few that can be considered if you’re looking to put your growth hormone worries at bay.


Norditropin is a human growth hormone (HGH) that can be used to treat adults and children alike. Norditropin is FDA approved and available via prescription in the USA. Produced and manufactured by Novo Nordisk in Denmark, Norditropin is available in a portable, multi dose pen that is very easy to use and one can travel with without refrigeration. For people with growth hormone deficiencies, the drug is an excellent value for money especially the convenience factor of the


Tev-Tropin, which is made by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, can be used to treat growth hormone deficiency, specifically in children. It’s a bioidentical hormone so side effects are few, and it can be administered through subcutaneous injection.


Like all FDA approved HGH, Genotropin is produced from recombinant DNA technology, featuring a similar sequence of amino acids as the natural growth hormones created in your body. Hormone physicians and endocrinologists commonly use Genotropin made by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for HGH treatments. Symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance and andropause can be significantly alleviated by the injection of Genotropin into a man’s bloodstream. The safety and effectiveness of the injection is proven in several clinical studies and researches. You can find these injections in vials as well as HGH pens that can be conveniently injected.


Humatrope, made by Lilly, is among the advanced HGH therapy injection systems that allow for accurate dose modifications for your human growth hormone shots. The product is created to offer a good range of doses of the HGH, and can be used very easily and quickly. These injections must be refrigerated both before as well as after you have mixed the solutions. However, the cartridges should not be refrigerated. If Humatrope is mixed and takes a liquid form, make sure that the cartridge is used within twenty eight days. If vials are used, the Humatrope should be used within a fortnight. The date of expiry must be checked before the product is used, as the usage of expired Humatrope may result in severe side effects.


Saizen is another popular HGH injection that helps in reducing symptoms of hormonal imbalance and andropause. Manufactured by Merck Serono, the safety and effectiveness of the injection is approved by medical professionals. It is available in convenient and simple injectable pens, and vials. The injection is therapeutically equal to the growth hormones produced naturally in your body. The product can be used by adults as well as children for enhancing the production of growth hormones, to treat chronic renal failure as well as Turner’s Syndrome.