What to Expect from HGH Therapy

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HGH therapy, or Human Growth Hormone therapy, is a treatment prescribed by physicians designed to replenish the decreasing levels of growth hormone in the human body. HGH, also known as the fountain of youth, is responsible for the growth and reproduction of the cells in the human body.

The level of this hormone decreases gradually with an increase in the age of a person. This eventually causes age related disease and resulting decline in health and general wellness. Hormone replacement therapy, using injectable HGH, aims to replenish the growth hormone, and overcome the many issues associated with adult onset growth hormone deficiency.

Listed below are 5 different benefits that you can expect by undergoing an HGH therapy treatment program.

This must be done under direct supervision of an experienced age management physician using DNA HGH filled at a US pharmacy. Frequent follow up blood testing a resulting physician follow ups and consultation are critical to make sure the treatment is safe and effective.

1) Increased cardiac output

A profound difference that can be observed before and after HGH therapy is the increase in cardiac output. Cardiac output is the quantity of blood pumped by the heart through the body in a minute. This amount reduces considerably with age, which in turn increases the chances of cardiac dysfunctions. HGH helps in increasing the strength of the nerve fibers, which are responsible for producing the enzymes that regulate the heartbeat. The hormone also helps in strengthening the muscles of the heart, thereby improving its ability to pump blood.

2) Decrease in blood pressure

Another important benefit of HGH therapy is that it has been shown to decrease blood pressure and ease hypertension. HGH cleans the blood vessels and ensures that it is devoid of clots and cholesterol buildup, thus reducing the cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

3) Increased energy levels

Individuals who have undergone a HGH therapy have claimed to notice a considerable improvement between their energy levels, before and after HGH treatment. When injected HGH acts on the mitochondria in the cell, which in turns activates the ATP molecules, which are the body’s energy sources. This in turn leads to a decrease in fatigue and an increase in energy levels. There will also be an increase in metabolism, which results in rapid conversion of body fats to energy.

4) Improved sex life

HGH therapy has also proven to be effective in improving the quality of one’s sex life. Fifty percent of individuals who are on HGH treatment have said that they have noticed a difference in their sex drive and sexual performance before and after HGH therapy. Better sex drive, more frequent orgasms and quicker “recovery” after ejaculation (for men) have been reported by many HGH users

5) Younger looking skin

Individuals who are under HGH therapy have said that they have observed a prominent change in the texture of their skin, before and after HGH treatment. The decrease in levels of HGH in the body causes the skin to lose its smooth texture, and also causes the development of lines, spots, and wrinkles. By increasing HGH levels in the body, many have countered signs of aging and can have a younger looking skin with better radiance and glow.

HGH treatments also provide many other benefits like an improvement in the functioning of the immune system, reduction of fat mass, increase in muscle mass, and strengthening of the bones.

Many users report that after years of feeling “under the weather” and “burnt out” during and after HGH therapy they have regained their vigor, vitality and can “get more done”.