Can HGH Help Improve Your Sex Drive?

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Your libido, or sex drive, can be improved with growth hormone therapy.

We all face many things that are unpleasant as we grow older. Just about everything slows down, we lose motivation, we lose physical strength, and maybe worst of all, we start to slow down sexually.

Sexual wellness issues as you grow older, are not only about your ability to perform. Hormonal changes as you age can lead to loss of libido, or your desire to have sex in both men and women!

Your ability to obtain and maintain an erection is based on a number of factors. One of those factors is hormonal. Specifically, your level of free testosterone in your blood affects your ability to have an erection. Men with low testosterone levels, are known to have low libido and erectile difficulties. Testosterone production, and your testosterone levels, are influenced by HGH.

Does HGH Improve Libido?

It can be kind of ironic for many couples when, just as they reach the age when the kids are out of the house, and they may have more time be with each other, sex drive may dwindle. But, it does not have to be that way. Bringing your hormone levels back in balance, for example, with growth hormone therapy, can improve both sexual performance and sexual desire.

HGH and libido - blood flowIt all has to do with blood flow. Good blood flow is essential to sexual arousal and stimulation in both men and women. HGH improves the health and vitality of every cell in your body. HGH strengthens muscles, including one of the most important muscles in your body — your heart. HGH is known to have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. As your heart strengthens, and its ability to pump more oxygenated blood more efficiently through your body improves, your sex drive and sex life, will also improve as a result.

As blood flow improves, that means better erectile function in men, and greater ability to achieve orgasm and less vaginal dryness in women. HGH also helps to stimulate the production of other vital hormones linked to sex drive and sexual performance such as testosterone. Low testosterone levels in both men and women, is often the cause of lack of libido.

Interestingly enough, men who received growth hormone therapy for other reasons, such as lack of vitality, or loss of muscle, also reported improved libido, and increased ability to gain an erection.

Other Ways HGH Can Improve Your Sex Life

Other Ways HGH Can Improve Your Sex LifeHGH can help improve your sex life in “less direct” but no less significant ways. Growth hormone therapy can increase your strength, vitality, and stamina, which of course will have a positive impact on your ability to perform sexually. Beyond that, often as we get older, body image issues can lead to lack of libido. As you lose weight and gain lean muscle thanks to HGH, you will start to feel better about yourself, and not to mention, look more sexually attractive to your partner! HGH can also help alleviate depression, anxiety and other “mood killers,” that may be putting a damper on your sex life!

If you are over 35, and your sex life is not the way you want it to be, HGH may help. But, we cannot call you. You have to make the first move. Contact us today, and find out if HGH therapy, or one of our other sexual wellness programs can help you be a better lover tonight!