Baseball Star Admits to Using Growth Hormone Therapy

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HGH, or Human Growth Hormone Therapy, is banned as a performance enhancing substance by most major sports. Growth hormone therapy can improve athletic performance, it can increase strength, stamina and energy, which could give pro athletes an unfair advantage.

Lenny Dykstra, once an all-star with the New York Mets, looked like a lot of ballplayers who made their careers in the 80’s. They all seemed to get noticeably bigger and stronger throughout the decade. Illegal use of growth hormone was often suspected, and at least in Dykstra’s case, it has been confirmed.

growth hormone therapy and testosterone benenfitsIn a recent interview, he told Fox Sports, “It was in my cereal…” referring to growth hormone. He also admitted to the use of testosterone.

Readers need to understand something about growth hormone and testosterone. They are “illegal” in sports, not because they are dangerous, or otherwise controlled substances. They are banned because they are known to increase strength, energy and performance.

That is unfair and against the rules on the playing field. But, that does not mean that the rest of us non baseball starts cannot benefit from hormone therapy.

Growth Hormone Therapy for Peak Performance  

Scientists may not be ready to declare growth hormone as the “Fountain of Youth,” but we do know for certain that it promotes the building of lean muscle mass and helps you burn fat more efficiently.

Any physical trainer will tell you, building lean muscle and burning fat is the main goal of any fitness program or regimen. Once you burn fat, and build muscle, you boost your metabolism, and are well on your way to improved health, strength, and longevity.

In other words your, “peak performance.”

growth hormone therapy benefitsIn fact, Growth Hormone not only helps you to build muscle when you work out, the right kind of workout increases the production of HGH!

Studies have found that high intensity interval training, or HIIT, increases your production of growth hormone.

You ever notice how kids play? They run, jump and climb at full-throttle for a while, then lay down on the playground to catch their breath, before jumping up to do it all over again.

It is their high levels of HGH that allows them to do that. And, by taking that break between bursts of playful energy, they are “instinctively” doing what interval training does to further stimulate the production of growth hormone that their growing bodies desperately need!

We may not be able to stay children forever, but we can take steps to increase our production of growth hormone through the right kinds of exercises, lifestyle changes, and HGH therapy.

Growth Hormone Therapy

growth hormone therapy perscriptionThe first time growth hormone was used as an anti-aging treatment was in a landmark 1991 study. Published by Dr. Daniel Rudman, in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study looked at the effects of growth hormone injections on elderly men.

Rudman said in his conclusions that the loss of fat, the increased muscle, and better bone density he saw in the men was as if they “turned back the clock” by 10 to 20 years.

If you are over 40, and feeling weak, fatigued, and/or experiencing sexual wellness issues, you may benefit from hormone therapy. However, you need to understand that real growth hormone is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

There are some clinics out there that claim to provide you with “growth hormone,” when in reality all they are giving you are expensive amino acid supplements.

The same is true of any website that claims to sell you human growth hormone. These products cannot, and do not contain HGH. Instead they are combinations of protein powders and amino acids that claim to stimulate the production of growth hormone. However, few, if any such claims, have ever been substantiated.

If you want to achieve the benefit, you have to get an HGH prescription from qualified professionals like you will find at HealthGAINS