Can I Afford the Costs of HRT Treatment?

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A person suffering from low levels of testosterone is likely to suffer from a range of symptoms that affect his physiological and psychological well-being. There are several ways in which one can stimulate the production and secretion of testosterone naturally. Advances in medical science have now made available the option of HRT treatment (hormone replacement therapy) and specifically TRT, testosterone replacement therapy.


Although, this kind of therapy has gained much success in stunting the aging process through exogenous inducing of testosterone, a patient must quickly understand that the process does not happen overnight and there are many expenses to bear. HRT treatment costs could be incurred over the course of many years, in some cases. The cost of replenishing testosterone to normal levels can sometimes become a huge burden on an individual.

An HRT cycle plan will clearly map out the various hormones and other supplements that a patient is expected to take, how the dosage of each drug changes over time, the duration of the treatment, and finally the overall cost associated with the treatment.

HRT treatment costs incurred at the start of a cycle may not remain the same over its entire course. Due to the fact that the supplements, dosages, and frequency constantly change as the treatment proceeds, a patient may find themselves paying various amounts at various times in the cycle. Patients must be aware that they are about to make a long-term investment, before the treatment begins. If a patient stops the treatment mid-cycle, he is unlikely to gain any lasting effects of increased testosterone and may find previous symptoms returning.

Method of Administration

Another important factor which may cause HRT treatment costs to vary from one case to another is the method by which the treatment is conducted. Hormone replacement can be administered through periodic injections of the hormone, as well as through the usage of testosterone creams. Injections are generally assumed to be the most effective form of the treatment because they act “systemically” as opposed to the “localized” treatment gained from testosterone creams. Consequently, injections are likely to cost more than their alternatives, and are likely to increase one’s HRT treatment costs significantly.

Customized treatment

HRT treatment costs are also dependent upon the individual patients themselves. Testosterone levels in the human body are highest during youth and begin to fall as one begins to age. Therefore it is highly unlikely that a person in the mid-forties, subscribing to this kind of treatment, is going to have the same the kind of treatment as a 65 year old man. Testosterone replacement needs to be prescribed by a medical professional before it can be carried out. Once all the appropriate tests and blood work is complete, it is the role of the doctor to prescribe the right dosages, delivery mechanism, and duration of the treatment. In some cases, where patients suffer from serious cases of hypogonadism, the treatment is likely to be more intense and longer, translating to a much higher investment. A patient’s age, weight, medical history, and objectives must all be factored in before one can determine the actual cost of the treatment.


As mentioned earlier, the cost of hormone replacement therapy is dependent on several factors making it difficult to calculate. Typically though, hormone replacement is a procedure that lasts for a minimum of six months. The overall cost of this treatment may range from $1500 for cases in which the treatment is basic, to around $10,000, in cases where the treatment is extremely intensive.