What you Need to Know About Prescription HGH Therapy

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Did you know prescription HGH therapy is only legitimate way to legally get growth hormone therapy?

That is just one of the many facts about growth hormone treatments you need to know!

Here is another thing, the only way to take real growth hormone is by injection. If any store, magazine add or website is trying to sell you any kind of HGH or growth hormones without a doctor’s prescription, or it is in anything besides an injectable form, it is not real Human Growth Hormone.

You must understand this perfectly clear, there is only one way to legally get real Growth Hormone therapy, and that is to see a skilled hormone therapy doctor.

It is true any medical doctor offer prescription HGH therapy. But, not all doctors who offer prescription HGH therapy are alike.

If you think you may benefit from growth hormone therapy, it is best that you get your HGH prescription from a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. You also want a doctor who is not only experienced, but one that is willing to treat you as an individual.

Who Can Benefit from Prescription HGH Therapy?

prescription hgh therapyIf you are between the ages of 35- 55 and feeling tired, depressed, gaining weight and facing sexual wellness issues, it is good chance that you could benefit from prescription HGH therapy.

However, if you complain about these things to your family doctor, or general practitioner, do not be surprised if he or she tells you – “you are just getting older, deal with it.”

That is because general practitioners are not as familiar with the many benefits of HGH and hormone therapy as are our HRT doctors and age-management professionals.

We will not only listen to your complaints, we understand them. We can give you the proper tests to determine if HGH or other hormone imbalances are at the root of your troubles, and prescribe a course of hormone therapies that can get you back on the road to vitality!

Is Prescription HGH Therapy Safe?

Actual growth hormone injections are a true medical procedure. However, many of the stories you may have heard about the “dangers” of growth hormone therapy, all have to do with the illegal use, or abuse of HGH.

If you are obtaining prescription HGH therapy through a qualified and experienced HGH doctors like ours, growth hormone is generally safe and low risk.

What you Need to Know About Prescription HGH TherapyRemember, the goal of growth hormone therapy is to bring your levels of HGH back into what is normal for you. There is very little risk in that, we are merely replacing what time and nature has taken away.

When you were younger and in your prime, your level of growth hormone was very high. But soon after you are “full grown” your HGH levels star to dip significantly. This drop affects your body and your general health in many ways. Properly administered HGH therapy is designed to be a safe and effective way to address the shortage.

Hundreds of our patients, men and women just like you, can attest to the positive outcomes they have had with HGH therapy, with little or no discomfort or side effects.

Results of Growth Hormone Therapy

Prescription HGH therapy can have amazing results because it has a powerful influence in the body. Ongoing medical supervision is required by law and is a matter of common sense if you are using growth hormone as part of an overall wellness and hormone optimization program.

At the beginning of your HGH therapy, you may be tested every 4 to 8 weeks or less, in order to determine if more growth hormone is needed. Your growth hormone levels should increase within 8 weeks.

At HealthGAINS, we provide prescription HGH therapy within the context of overall hormone management; medical supervision will also determine how your testosterone (men), estrogen and progesterone (women), and other hormone levels are responding to replacement therapy.

Of course, as with any medical procedure, your individual results may vary depending on your age, gender, and general medical condition. However, you should expect a generally safe, and positive experience from your HGH therapy.

Have you, or anyone you know ever tried a hormone therapy, what were the results?

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