Cenegenics® Vs HealthGAINS – One Patient’s Story

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healthgains vs cenegetics

Cenegenics® is one of the most well-known, and largest organizations providing hormone replacement therapy. They boast 15,000 patients worldwide, but is bigger always better?

Cenegenics is good at what they do, and they do get generally positive results. However, their program may not be right for everybody.

Here is a first-hand “thank-you” we received from Stuart, a former Cenegenics patient.

A former Cenegenics® patient’s Story

form cenegenics testimonialI was with Cenegenics for five years before transferring my care to HealthGains.

As you can imagine, it was with some trepidation that I made the decision to move from the “known and comfortable” to the unknown.

However, I could not be happier to have made the switch.

The level of care and attention I have received from you, the rest of the team, and the excellent and well informed doctors has been second to none and exceeds what I had experienced and had access to before.

The cost is also considerably less. There was a constant flood of fees at the other program… quarterly professional fees on top of the medical costs, annual fees for all day visits to their facility for “testing and evaluation”, etc.

In the defense of the individuals I dealt with there, I sensed that there was constant pressure to increase the revenue per patient at the corporate level.

Thanks again for your kind assistance during the first few months of my transition and thank you for your continued great care!

Cenegenics® Alternative

I do believe in what HRT can accomplish, I just think that people who come in for help, should be treated like patients and not “customers.”

We design our programs based on your needs and lifestyle, not on what will increase our bottom line.

Besides the cost savings experienced by Stuart, here are just a few more reasons to consider HealthGAINS over Cenegenics:

  • More than 10 years of innovative treatments and unparalleled experience
  • Easy access to our medical director and other HealthGAINS doctors
  • One-on-one relationship with your physician and own wellness coach
  • Discreet blood tests in your home or office
  • Relaxed, professional environment
  • Diagnostic testing done on site

Doctors Matter

Until recently there was not even a medical specialty known as “anti-aging medicine”.

That term, as certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), is still not recognized by the American Medical Association.

However, the organization now boasts nearly 10,000 physician members. These practitioners of “physician-guided age management,” come from a variety of specialties and backgrounds, and they all bring something a little different to their approach to hormone optimization.

At HealthGAINS, our medical director is Richard Gaines, M.D., FAARM, ABAARM. Dr. Gaines is certified by the A4M, but more importantly he is Harvard trained and board certified in anesthesiology.

Before starting his career in age management, Dr. Gaines worked as an anesthesiologist for three decades at some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals,

Why should that matter? Because, an anesthesiologist, by profession and training, is one of the most ideal practitioners to apply hormone replacement therapy.

cenegenetics vs healthgainsAnesthesiology is an exacting science that requires precise dosing, and continuous monitoring of your patient to achieve the proper results. Too much and there can be recovery issues, too little, and you run the risk of the patient waking during surgery.

Also, anesthesia must be given with every aspect of the patient’s overall health, and medical history in mind. These are exactly the skills you want to look for in a doctor prescribing your hormone replacement therapy.


Have you or anyone you know tried any HRT treatments? What were the results?

Start the conversation below.

*Cenegenics® is a registered trademark of Cenegenics, LLC.  AAG HealthGains is not affiliated in any way with Cenegenics® products or services.


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